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Kanban Options - Sub-Lanes

Sub-lanes are a useful device for defining another level in the workflow; for example, you might want to divide the 'In-Progress' lane into a number of sub-lanes representing the individual developers, or any lane into 'In-Progress' and 'Complete'. The 'Sub-lanes' page helps you to quickly and easily create any number of new sub-lanes for a Kanban diagram.

Setting sub-lanes options for lanes on a Kanban Diagram in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.



Construct > Resource Management > Kanban > (options to generate and/or open a Kanban diagram)    or

Start > Personal > My Kanban (displays personal default Kanban diagram)


Design > Diagram > Manage > Kanban > Sub-lanes (on an open Kanban diagram)

Context Menu

In the Browser window, right-click on the diagram name | Kanban >Sub-lanes, or

On a Kanban diagram, either:

  • Double-click on a lane > Sub-lanes
  • Right-click on background | Kanban > Sub-lanes

Creating Sub-Lanes

You add sub-lanes simply by clicking on the New button and, in the 'Name' column, typing the sub-lane name. Alternatively, you can leave the default string '<anonymous>' to create an un-named sub-lane, which can be useful for organizing lanes that have lots of elements. The names of the lanes on the diagram are then automatically added across the panel.

Once you have created sub-lanes, you apply each one to one or more parent lanes, by selecting the checkbox under the name of each lane that is to contain the sub-lane. To assign every sub-lane to every lane, you can click on the Check all button, and to clear this total assignment click on the Uncheck all button. You can also change the order of the sub-lanes across all their parent lanes in the Kanban diagram, by clicking on the sub-lane names and on the up-hand and down-hand buttons.

Within a specific parent lane column you can apply custom sorting to the sub-lanes, so that the sub-lanes in that lane are in a different sequence to the same sub-lanes in a different lane. For a column that has assigned sub-lanes (that is, it contains selected checkboxes) right-click on the header and select the 'Set lane order' option. A small dialog displays, in which you click on the sub-lane names and use the up-hand and down-hand buttons to put them in the required sequence. Click on the OK button to clear the dialog and apply the sub-lane. If a sub-lane order has been customized, you can return it to the 'across-the-board' order by right-clicking the header again and selecting the 'Reset lane order' option.


  • Sub-lanes are not backwards compatible with earlier releases of Enterprise Architect; if you open a Kanban diagram containing sub-lanes in a release of the system earlier than Release 12.1, the sub-lanes will be permanently deleted from the diagram
  • Elements on a Kanban diagram are automatically adjusted to match the width of the sub-lane they are in, both when the element is moved into a sub-lane and when the sub-lane width is changed

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