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Model Reviews

A Review element is a simple yet effective mechanism for capturing, in real time, discussions concerned with a particular event on one or more elements and/or diagrams. Typically, a Project Manager or other coordinator will create a Review element specifically to discuss one or more objects for a project phase, project stage or other category of review, over a defined period. A number of reviewers then 'join' the review and enter discussion points and responses in the Discuss & Review window. Note that you can only be joined to one Review element at a time.

Review elements can be used in a number of contexts, including model development, testing, delivery, maintenance and management. They can be added to specific Review diagrams - which have their own 'Review' Toolbox page - or to more general diagrams, using 'Review' icons from the 'Review', 'Artifact', 'Maintenance' or 'Management' Toolbox pages.

Review elements are generally set up and managed within Enterprise Architect, but users both of Enterprise Architect and of the WebEA facility can use Review elements to direct their input to discussions on project and model reviews.

If you want to simply comment on or discuss an element or diagram without capturing your discussion in a formal review, use the 'Discuss' tab of the Discuss & Review window. See the Model Discussions Help topic.

Setting Up a Review

The most direct and structured scenario would be for the review coordinator to create the Review element through the Reviews view.

The Review element is a composite element to which the review coordinator would add a review diagram (as a 'Review Set') and then add to that diagram the elements and/or diagrams (as Navigation Cells) to be reviewed. Each Navigation Cell effectively forms a Review Set of elements itself.

A joined reviewer simply selects objects on the diagram and creates discussion topics or responses on each object using the 'Review' tab of the Discuss & Review window. The process for an element under review can be monitored and eventually approved by one or more designated 'Approvers' assigned to the individual element through the 'Review' tab.

The Project Manager might also set a status that, when an element under review reaches it, locks the element against review until it assumes a different status, as described in the Take Part in a Review Help topic.

The Review element also acts as a bridge to continue focused discussions in subsequent work sessions. If you want to ensure that the Discuss & Review window and the 'Review' tab are displayed each time you log back in for a new work session. you can set them as a default display by clicking on the 'Hamburger' icon and selecting the 'Set this Tab as Default' option.

Using Review Elements

Review elements are used to plan and coordinate a formal review of part of your model, defining:

  • When the review is to start and end
  • What elements or diagrams are to be reviewed (and, as the review progresses, which objects have not yet been reviewed)
  • The current status of the review
  • Any specific instructions for performing the review
  • Who is involved in the review
  • Any resources to use during the review
  • The priority of the review

The start and end date information is defined in two special EAReview Tagged Values (on the Review element 'Properties' dialog, see the 'General' page and 'EAReview' tab):

  • EndDate - the date on which the Review will be complete with no further discussions expected
  • StartDate - the date from which users can join the review, and add discussions and responses

Other information can be provided through the Review element's normal element properties including Linked Documents, Notes and associated Note elements, Tagged Values and attributes. Review elements and their contents can be the subject of searches and document generation, all of which add to the information-gathering and grouping purposes of the element. The element also has a child diagram that aids planning, management and coordination of the review, and that provides a quick overview of and access to the elements under review.

The review comments pertinent to an element can be displayed in that element on a diagram, in the Review Compartment of the element.

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