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Attribute Constraints

Attributes can have constraints associated with them, which typically indicate such things as maximum value, minimum value and length of field. You define these constraints on the Properties window for attributes.


Click on the required attribute in a diagram or the Browser window, and use one of these methods to display the attribute 'Constraints' tab.


Design > Element > Properties > General > Properties Dialog > Constraints

Start > All Windows > Properties > General > Properties Dialog > Constraints

Context Menu

Right-click attribute in diagram or Browser window | Properties | Properties > Constraints

Define Constraints



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Type in the name or action of the constraint.


Click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate constraint type.

Constraint Types


Type in any comments or notes concerning the constraint.


Click on this button to clear any displayed data from the constraint fields, so that you can define a new constraint.


Click on this button to save any new data in the fields, and to clear the fields in preparation for defining another constraint. The saved constraint is added to the top of list in the second 'Constraint' field.


Lists the existing constraints on the attribute. If you click on an entry in the list, the constraint details display in the tab fields.


Click on a constraint in the list and click on this button to immediately remove the constraint from the attribute.

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