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Diagram Image Panel

The 'Diagram Image' panel provides facilities to generate both hard and electronic copies of the currently-open and selected diagram from the model.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to display a short menu of options for printing the diagram:

  • Print - print the diagram directly on the default printer
  • Preview - display an image of how the diagram will appear if it is printed
  • Setup - display the 'Print Setup' dialog to configure the default printer on which the diagram will be printed, which you would have selected on the Windows 'Control' panel
  • Print to PDF - print the diagram to a PDF file instead of to a printer - a browser displays to select the PDF file name and directory path; by de-selecting the 'Printable' option on an element on a diagram, you can omit that element and its connectors from the diagram in the PDF output


Click on this icon to save an image of the current diagram. A small menu displays from which you can select to:

  • Save to File - a browser displays in which you select where to save the file, and the format in which to save the file
  • Save to Clipboard - the image is immediately saved to the Enterprise Architect clipboard
  • Scale Image - a list displays of percentage scale options from 100% to 400%, to apply to the diagram images saved to file in bitmap format, with a tick beside the current setting (likely to be the default of 137%); this list and the 'Scale Saved Bitmaps to' field on the 'Diagram' page of the 'Preferences' dialog are parallel and changes to one are automatically reflected in the other
    Images saved in any format other than bitmap are not scaled
    On the 'Diagram' page of the 'Preferences' dialog, selecting the 'Apply scale to clipboard' checkbox also applies the selected scale to bitmap images saved to the clipboard
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