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Data Provider Advanced Authentication

This screen allows the entry of all settings used for OAuth authentication for the current Integration Provider.

Note: OAuth is only supported by some Integration Providers.

Integration Server



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Redirect URI

This read-only value displays the Pro Cloud Server's URI that OAuth systems will make callbacks to.

Important: When defining the Data Provider in OAuth the Redirect URI will need to be saved so that OAuth knows what URI it should communicate to.

Client ID

This value represents the unique identifier of the Data Provider in OAuth and is sometimes referred to as the "App ID".

Client Secret

This value represents a secret that only the Data Provider should know, essential like a password. When defining the Data Provider in the OAuth system the Client/App ID would need to have a secret defined.

Authorization endpoint

The authorization endpoint is a complete URL of the OAuth system that Pro Cloud Server communicates with to determine if the current user is authorized to access the current Data Provider. All necessary communications between the user and OAuth occurs in the user's browser and Pro Cloud Server is notified of the outcome.

Note:  A value for authorization endpoint is not mandatory as the Pro Cloud Server has a set of known addresses that will be used.

An example is:

Token endpoint

The token endpoint is used by Pro Cloud Server to obtain access tokens, after the user has been granted access to the system.

Note: The Token endpoint can be either a relative or full URL.

Refresh token endpoint

The refresh token endpoint is usually the same as token endpoint, but some providers use a different URL for obtaining refresh tokens. If left blank, then the token endpoint will be used.


This button saves any pending changes and closes current screen. 

It is only enabled when all mandatory fields have a value and there are unsaved changes.