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Add Database Manager - Oracle

Pro Cloud Server connections to Oracle-based databases require the use of either ODBC or OLE/DB drivers, although Sparx Systems recommend the use of OLE/DB since it provides superior performance compared to ODBC.

You can define a connection to an Oracle Database (via OLE/DB) by specifying the connection string to the database. If you are running the Management Client on the same machine as the server you can:

  1. Click on the Browse. button to open the 'Data Link Properties' dialog to build the connection string.
  2. Select the provider 'Oracle Provider for OLE DB' and click on the Next >> button.
  3. Type in the name of the 'Data Source'; this is the Oracle net service name as defined in the TNSNAMES.ORA.
  4. Fill in the user name and password and select the 'Allow saving password' checkbox.


  • The Pro Cloud Server identifies databases by the 'Data Source' value and Oracle OLE DB defines the 'Data Source' as the net service name, so it is only possible to access one Oracle repository per net service name; the workaround to this limitation is to define multiple net service names in TNSNAMES.ORA that differ only by name

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