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Return the discussions and comments for the selected item.





  • C++: const char*
  • C#: string

A JSON string of parameters. Includes:

  • itemID - the unique id of the item (as passed back in GetItemList)

Outputs via Callbacks

AddProperty - 3 calls are required per comment. Use a unique index value per comment:

  • AddProperty(index, "authorName", "Example Person 1");
  • AddProperty(index, "createdDate", "2022-04-06T12:34:56");
  • AddProperty(index, "comment", "Example comment on Item 1 by Person 1");
  • [Optional] AddProperty(index, "id", "0002"); // See note below
  • [Optional] AddProperty(index, "parentID", "0001"); // See note below

[Optional] LogMessage or SetError - to provide user feedback.


This method receives a request to populate the 'External' tab in the main Discussion Window with comments/discussion about this external item.

If an "id" property is added, this will be passed back if a user replies to a specific comment, allowing threaded discussions.

"parentID" will link this comment as a reply to the parent comment with the parentID