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Migrate Shared Keys between Stores

To make best use of your upgraded Pro Cloud Server application, you might want to upgrade from a legacy file-based keystore or network based keystore to the Pro Cloud Server Floating License Server. This process effectively removes all keys from the original keystore, leaving it empty, and places the keys into the Floating License Server.

To migrate shared keys from other keystores, you must first define a connection to each source keystore, using the 'Link to' context menu option in the Stores list. Then, making sure the source keystore is selected in the list, select the 'Migrate to...' context menu option.

The 'Migrate Keystore File' screen displays:

Click on the Browse. button on the right of the 'Destination' field, and browse for the details of the Pro Cloud Server Floating License Server into which the shared keys are to be transferred. Click on the OK button to migrate the shared keys from the source into the destination Floating License Server.