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OLE DB Connection to Oracle Repository

In order for an Enterprise Architect client to open an Oracle repository using an OLE DB connection, the client machine must have the Oracle client (including the OLE DB driver) installed for the same architecture (32 or 64 bit) that Enterprise Architect uses.

For example, if you are using the 64 bit version of Enterprise Architect, then the client machine will need a 64 bit OLE DB driver, but if you are using the 32 bit version of Enterprise Architect then a 32 OLE DB driver will be required.


  • An Oracle database server
  • An Enterprise Architect repository defined in the Oracle database server
  • You know the database user credentials that have SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXECUTE access permissions to the Enterprise Architect repository
  • Oracle Client already installed on the client machine; please ensure that the OLE DB drivers are installed (you can download the drivers from the Oracle Technology Network web site, as part of the Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) package -  see Learn more)


Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+O : Connect to Server drop-down arrow : ODBC Connection Wizard


Project list: Open Project : Connect to Server drop-down arrow : ODBC Connection Wizard

Start Page : Manage Projects : Connect to Server drop-down arrow : ODBC Connection Wizard

Install the OLE DB Driver

The OLE DB driver will only need to be install once on each client machine, therefore if your machine already has the appropriate Oracle client (and OLE DB driver) installed you can skip to the next step.




Download the appropriate Oracle instant client for your operating system and architecture (32 or 64 bit) of Enterprise Architect from the Oracle website.


  • Installing and configuring the Oracle instant client is not a trivial task, therefore it is best to involve people with previous experience performing this task. Unfortunately Sparx Systems can not provide support for another vendors software.


Run the Oracle Instant Client installer, making sure to include the Oracle OLE DB driver component, and perform all client configuration necessary for applications to make use of this driver.

Connect to the Repository




In the 'Open Project' dialog, select the 'ODBC Connection Wizard' option available under the Connect to Server drop down.

The Data Link Properties screen is shown


Select Oracle Provider for OLE DB from the list on the Provider tab.


  • Do not select 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle', it will not function correctly.


Click on the Next>> button.

The 'Connection' tab displays.


In the 'Data source' field, enter Oracle service name (as defined in your TNSNAMES.ORA) of your database.


Enter the owner credentials of the Oracle repository (ie. user name and password), check the Allow saving password option.


Click on the Test Connection button to confirm that the details are correct.


If the test does not succeed, revise your settings.

If the test succeeds, click on the OK button.


Depending on how the connection to Oracle process was started, the 'Connection Name & Type' dialog might be displayed; if so, fill in the Name and - if required - check the 'Encrypt Connection String' option.

The Name entered will be the value displayed on the 'Recent Projects' panel on the 'Open Project' dialog, while the 'Encrypt Connection string' option hides the connection details of the database, which is useful for keeping the details secret when you share the connection string with other users.


  • Connecting to DBMS based Repositories is available in the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions
  • Enterprise Architect only supports the official Oracle OLE DB driver and not the 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle' driver that comes with Windows

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