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Release Shared Keys

It is usually not necessary to manually release a shared key from a workstation, as this happens automatically if:

  • The Store's 'Auto checkin' option has been enabled and you close all running instances of Enterprise Architect on your workstation
  • The lease on the key expires

However, if further users want to access Enterprise Architect and there is some technical anomaly that has prevented the return of a key, you can manually release the key using the Sparx Systems Floating License Configuration Client.

To release a key from its active association with a particular workstation, click on the key in the 'Keys contained in this store' list, and then select the 'Key | Release' header menu option.

(Alternatively, click on the 'Release Key' icon in the toolbar, or right-click on the key and select the 'Release' context menu option.)

Keystore Context Menu Keys