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Resolve Conflicts - QEA

If two or more people each work on the same Element/Object in their respective replica/master repositories, then when attempting to synchronize these, the replication engine has a problem resolving which change is to be synched to both. To resolve this, you need to select which of the two conflicting changes should be saved to the master or to the replica. To facilitate this, at the end of the synchronisation, all conflicting changes will be displayed in the Resolve Synchronization Conflicts dialog:

Resolve Synchronization Conflicts

The Resolve Synchronization Conflicts dialog provides a list of conflicts and a variety of means to resolve these. This process can be worked through by:

  • Resolving all to the master
  • Resolving all to the replica
  • Resolving on a record-by-record basis or, more narrowly, by individual fields.

For this process the two lists in the dialog cover:



Conflicting Records

The top list shows the database row that has a conflict, and the type of conflict.

Click on the [...] button, on the end of the row, to either:

  • Copy details or
  • Find the item in the Browser or in a Diagram.

Click on an entry to show the details in the Conflict Details list.

Conflicting Details

On selection of an item in Conflicting Records the bottom list Conflicting Details will show the individual fields that were modified in both the master and the replica repositories.

Resolving conflicts



Resolve All Using Master

On clicking the button Resolve All Using Master - all the changes in the master are written to the replica.

Resolve All Using Replica

On clicking the button Resolve All Using Replica - all the changes in the replica are written to the master.

Resolve Using Selection

In the Conflict details list, you have these options:

  • Click on the Select Master Values button, this ticks all items in the Master Value column
  • Click on the Select Replica Values button; this ticks all items in the Replica Value column
  • Use the tick-boxes to select specific values to be updated to both repositories

After selecting one of these you can write the update using the button Resolve Using Selection.




See also

Avoid the problem

Ensure that each team member always works in a separate area of the model within their replica.

Conflict cannot be resolved

If a conflict cannot be resolved yet, you can close the conflict window.

Where a conflict is not resolved, the master and replica files will be left as they are. The Synchronization can be re-run later, and the conflict will be listed again.