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How to configure WebEA models

All WebEA configuration is controlled by a single file 'webea_config.ini', which must reside in the WebEA '\includes\' folder.

This configuration file defines the model connections that are available on WebEA's login page. For each WebEA model connection you define how WebEA will access the model (which server, which Port and so on), and optionally apply settings to adjust WebEA's functionality  (such as showing or hiding specific features).

Configuration Options

There are two different methods available for configuring WebEA models:



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(Recommended) Use the web based configuration page (config.php).

Configure WebEA models - via Web Browser


Directly modify the 'webea_config.ini' file using a text editor.

Configure WebEA models - via Text Editor

Security Considerations

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the information contained in the WebEA configuration file, we recommend that the '\includes\' folder within the WebEA folder is severely restricted.

For example, in Apache this could be achieved using .htaccess and .htpasswd files in the '\includes\' folder.

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