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WebEA's Main Menu

WebEA's main menu is accessed by clicking on the 'More' button in WebEA's header (shown below).

Menu Options

The 'More' dropdown menu provides these options.



See also


Select to display the relationship matrix. See the Relationship Matrix topic for details.

Relationship Matrix


Select to display the 'Link to WebEA item' dialog, which shows the current object's unique ID (GUID) and full URL. You can copy this ID, then at a later point use it in the 'Goto WebEA item' dialog to return directly to that page (see below). Alternatively, you can copy the full URL and send it to another user if you want them look at a particular item.

Note: This option is only supported when displaying a specific object (diagram, element or Package). It is not supported for the Watchlist, Matrix, or similar facilities.

Goto item

Select to display the 'Goto WebEA item' dialog, into which you paste (Ctrl+V) a WebEA item's unique ID that you have copied earlier, using the 'Share' option.


Select this option to open WebEA's online help.


Choose this option if you want to disconnect from the current model, returning to the 'Select Model' screen.

WebEA User Guide

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