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Enterprise Architect's internal Model Mail system can be accessed within WebEA, allowing you to view and send messages from your web browser.

When enabled, the Mail view can be accessed by selecting the main 'Collaborate' tab, then the 'Mail' tab within the collaborate view.

Note, to use Model Mail the model must have User Security enabled, and the WebEA configuration should have the 'Show Model Mail' option set to 'Yes'. This is set to 'No' by default. See the How to configure WebEA models topic for details.

Model Mail Features

The 'Mail' tab provides these features and options.



Inbox / Sent Mail list

Displays the list of Messages in your Inbox or Sent Mail.

Selecting an item from the list will display the Message contents in the panel to the left.

Message View

Located to the left of the Inbox/Sent items list, this panel displays the contents of the selected message. See the Viewing Messages topic below for details.

Mail Options

Click on the Mail Options button to display the Mail Options menu. This menu provides the options to Compose a new message, or switch between the Inbox and Sent Items

WebEA Collaboration options

Viewing Messages

When selecting a message in the Mail Inbox list, the message's contents are displayed in the panel to the right. Within this panel, the options discussed here are available.

Note: selecting a Sent Mail item will also display the message contents, but in this case only the Forward option is available.




Displays the 'Reply to Message' dialog. The 'To' field will be populated with the User Name of the Sender from the message which you are replying to.

Reply All

Displays the 'Reply to Message' dialog. The 'To' field will be populated with the User Name of the Sender and Recipients from the message which you are replying to.


Displays the 'Forward Message' dialog.

Set Message State / Flag

Click on this button to set the Message state (either Read or Unread) or Set a Flag (None, Complete, Red, etc).

Composing Messages

Model Mail messages can be composed via the 'New Message', 'Reply to Message', and 'Forward Message' dialogs. These dialogs are accessed via the Compose button, Reply/Reply All buttons and Forward button respectively.

The dialogs all provide these fields and functions.




The To field should contain the name and username of the intended recipients (as defined in Enterprise Architect's user security settings). To add a recipient, click on the To button/label and select the user from the list.


Enter the subject for the message.


Set to None by default. To change the Flag for the message click on the Flag field/button and select an item from the list.

Message Content

Enter the message contents. The toolbar at the top of this text area provides the same formatting options and features as WebEA's Edit Note fields. See the Edit Objects topic for details.


Click on the Send button to sent the message.

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