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WebEA - Browser

The WebEA Browser displays a context sensitive view of a Package or element and its children. It can be toggled on or off via the 'Browser' button, which is located in the status bar at the bottom of WebEA. When enabled, the Browser displays on the left side of WebEA's Main View.

   Show/Hide Browser button

Optionally, the browser can be configured to include diagram objects such as notes and text elements. See the 'Show Diagram Objects' setting in the Edit WebEA Model Connection settings topic for details.

If the currently-selected object is a Package, or an element with children, then the Browser displays the object at the parent level, and the children underneath it.

If the currently-selected object is a diagram or an element without children, then the Browser displays the object's parent, then its children (which include the current object and its siblings).

If the currently selected object is not the root, then the second item in the Browser is an up arrow, allowing navigation to the next level up. Selecting an object in the Browser will cause WebEA to navigate to that object.

Favorites in the WebEA Browser

WebEA Model connections can be configured to treat the user's 'Favorites' as the Home page (via the 'favorites_as_home' configuration option); see the Refine Browser Content and How to configure WebEA models Help topics for details.

In this case the Browser behavior is changed to help focus on Favorites Packages.

  • When initially opening the model, the Browser will display your Favorites
  • Selecting a Package from the Favorites list will update the Browser to display the contents of that Package; to help keep the focus on the contents of the Favorites, the Browser will not include the Up arrow to go to the Package's parent - when navigating down through nested Packages you can simply use the Web Browser's Back function to return to the previous page (i.e. the parent)
  • You can return to the list of Favorites using WebEA's Home button
WebEA Favorites


  • The Browser panel is only visible if the screen is greater than 800 pixels wide
  • The Browser acts as an alternative to viewing the object list in WebEA's Main View; when the Browser is enabled the Main View Object List is not accessible

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