Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Model Views Toolbar

Model Views Toolbar

The availability of the Model Views toolbar options depends on the type of object selected. The options are, from left to right:


Displays the appropriate Properties dialog for the item selected. Alternatively, double-click on the item, or press [Enter].


Locates the selected object in any diagrams in which it has been used in the model, and either displays the single diagram with the object highlighted or lists the several diagrams in which the object has been located.


Locates and highlights the selected object in the Project Browser.


Creates a new Model View root node, and displays the New Model View dialog in which you enter the root node name.


Creates a new Views folder in the currently-selected root node.


Creates a new Favorites folder in the currently-selected Views folder.


Creates a new Slideshow folder in the currently-selected Views folder.


Creates a new View in the currently-selected Views folder, and displays the Create New View dialog to define the search that populates the View.


Refreshes the selected Model Views root node, folder, View or Favorites. For a View, this runs the Model Search defined in the View properties.


Moves the currently-selected object up or down within its type; you cannot move - for example - a package below a diagram, or a View above a Favorites folder.


Displays a prompt to confirm deletion of the selected object and - if appropriate - its contents. You cannot delete the original Model Views, My Views or Recent Discussions root nodes, or any technology-defined Views.


Displays Help on Model Views.