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The Resources window contains a Favorites folder. Here you can hyperlink to any UML element from the model as a whole, and conveniently drag and drop instances or links to this element into other diagrams. This is particularly useful where certain elements - such as the list of Actors in a system - are re-used again and again, and switching to the Actors folder is not convenient. In cases like this, using the Favorites folder makes managing and creating your model much easier.





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Add to the Favorites Folder

To add an element to the Favorites folder:

  • In a diagram, right-click on the element to add
  • From the context menu select the Find | Add to Favorites option
  • Switch back to the Resources window and check the Favorites folder; the new element should be listed in its category within the favorites


Delete from the Favorites Folder

To delete a favorite:

  • Right-click on it within the Favorites folder in the Resources window
  • Select Delete Favorite from the context menu
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the Yes button


View Properties of a Favorite

To view a favorite's properties from the Favorites folder:

  • Select and right-click on the favorite in the Resources window
  • Select Element Properties from the context menu


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