Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Model Search Toolbar

The Model Search toolbar displays at the top of the Model Search window, enabling you to operate on the results of your model search.

Access:    Edit | Model Search

Use to:

  • Edit the text of notes for an item
  • Delete selected items from the model
  • Print the search results
  • Generate and print an RTF report on selected items
  • Hide or abbreviate notes text in the output
  • Hide or show the filter bar under the column headings
  • Display Help text






See also

Edit Notes

For the selected item, opens the Notes window (if it is not already open) so that you can edit the text of the notes

Ctrl + Spacebar



For a selected item or group of items, deletes them from the model; refresh the project to check that the items have been deleted

Ctrl + D



Prints the complete set of search results



Rich Text Report

For a selected item or group of items, generates and prints an RTF report


Generate RTF Documentation Dialog

View Notes

Displays a short menu that enables you to select whether, for all items, to:

  • Hide any Notes text from display in the search results
  • Display the first few words of the Notes text in the search results
  • Display the full Notes text in the search results



Toggle Filter Bar

Hides or reveals the filter bar underneath the column headings


Customizing the Search View


Displays the Enterprise Architect Help, starting with the Model Search Help topic