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Packages and Elements

Analyzing the requirements of a system or process helps you identify units of functional activity in that system or process. You can represent these units with Packages, which you then populate with elements of relevance to the functional units and to the stage of development.

In the following four diagrams, you can see how Requirements and Use Case Packages are created to group the Requirements elements and Use Case elements that define and start to implement each of several functional areas.

By maintaining the same structure in each model in the project you also make it easy to trace the project development through the stages.

Requirement Packages for Online Bookstore Process:

Traceability ReqPack

Requirements in Manage Users Unit of Online Bookstore Process:

Traceability - Requirements

The Requirements diagram also makes it clear what Requirements form subsets of others, or are components of more than one other Requirement.

Use Case Packages For Online Bookstore Process:

Traceability - Use Case

Use Cases in Manage Users Unit of Online Bookstore Process:

Traceability - UC Elements

The Use Case diagrams can also clarify what aspects of a process require or enable human intervention, and which require or enable system intervention.

Implementation Stage:

For completeness, you could also consider the next stage, the implementation of some of these Use Cases, as represented by Class elements associated with this functional unit.

Traceability - Logical

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