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Publish Model Package

The Publish Model Package facility is used to export a package to various XML formats, including XMI 1.1,  XMI 2.1, ArcGIS and BPMN 2.0 XML.

Access:  Click on a package in Project Browser, then:

        Project | Model Publisher

        Project | Model Import/Export | Export Package to XMI File: Publish
        Right-click | Import/Export | Export Package to XMI: Publish

Use to:

  • Move Enterprise Architect model elements between models, for distributed development, manual version control and other benefits
  • Export BPMN 2.0 models to BPMN 2.0 XML
  • Export Enterprise Architect model elements to Rational Rose and other tools that implement the:
  • UML 1.3 XMI 1.1 / XMI 1.0 standard
  • UML1.4 XMI 1.2 standard, or
  • UML 2.1 XMI 2.1 standard


On the Publish Model Package dialog:



See also

Root Package

Displays the name of the selected package



Type in or browse for the file path into which the XML file is to be generated


XML Type

Select the XML/XMI version to export the package to

The selected version might render some of the following eight options unavailable


Export Diagrams

Export all the diagrams in the selected package


Export Alternate Images

Export the alternate images used in the diagrams in the selected package

Image Manager

Format XML Output

Format the output into readable XML (this takes a few more seconds at the end of the run)


Write Log File

Write a log of the export activity (recommended)

The log file is saved to the directory into which the XML file is exported



Use the XMI DTD when exporting to XMI 1.0 or XMI 1.1

Setting this option validates the correctness of the model and checks that no syntactical errors have occurred


Exclude EA Tagged Values

Exclude Enterprise Architect-specific Tagged Values from the export


Unisys/Rose Format

Export in Unisys/Rose compatible XMI format


Generate Diagram Images

Generate the exported diagrams in the format you select from the Format drop-down list

The generated diagrams are saved in a package called Images in the directory into which the XML file is exported



Select an XSL Stylesheet to post-process the XML content before saving to file (Optional)

You can post-process the XML content before saving the package to file, using an XSLT to convert the output to HTML, XSL, code or other versions of XML; to do this, you must import the required style sheet into the project through the Resources window

Resource Window

View XML

View the exported XML file



Initiate XML export



Close this dialog



Display this Help topic



Indicates the progress of the XML export



  • When exporting and importing with XMI 1.0 with Enterprise Architect, some loss of data occurs due to the limitations of XMI 1.0
  • In the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have Export XMI permission to export to XML
  • XMI 2.1 exported by Enterprise Architect 7.0 (or later) might not be correctly imported into earlier versions of Enterprise Architect
  • When you select to apply a Data Type Definition (DTD) during an XMI 1.1 export, the UML_EA.DTD file is written to the output directory into which the XML files are written (unless the UML_EA.DTD file is already present in the directory); no error is generated if the UML_EA.DTD file is not present in this directory during the XMI export

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