Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Risk Types

Enterprise Architect enables you to add a risk type to the global list of risk types that can be added to any element in the model.

The global list of risk types displays in the Type field drop-down list on the Risks tab of the Project Management window.

Access:    Settings | Project Types | Project Indicators > Risk: New

Use to:

  • Specify the risk types used when defining risks to an element

How to:

To add a new risk type to the global list, follow the steps below:



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Select the Project Indicators menu option

The Project Indicators dialog displays



Click on the Risk tab.



Click on the New button

(To edit an existing risk type, click on the risk type name in the Defined Risks list)



Complete the fields as follows:

  • In the Risk Type field type the name of the risk type
  • In the Description field type a short description of the risk type
  • In the Weight field type the default weighting to apply to the risk type
  • In the Note field, type any additional information on the risk type



Click on the Save button



  • Although Enterprise Architect does not currently provide detailed reports on risks within a model, you can use the Automation Interface or similar tools to create your own custom reports based on risk information you enter
  • You can transport risk types between models, using Export Reference Data and Import Reference Data

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