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Other Filters

The Other Filters tab enables you to define a set of filters to restrict your report to specific features of elements (sub-element components such as attributes, responsibilities or constraints). If the feature does not have the defined characteristics, it is not reported for the element.




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How to Access

As with the Document Options tabs, you can access the filter details from two different places; the start point affects the persistence of the filter definition:

  • If you define the filters on the Other Filters tab of the Generate RTF Documentation dialog, you can create filter settings for the current report to be run; selections are non-persistent, and are reset when you close the dialog or select a different template
  • If you access the filter definitions by clicking on the File | Document Options menu option on the RTF Style Template Editor dialog, the settings are saved with the template as the default settings for any run of this report

You add filters by clicking on the Add Filters button; to edit the filters, either double-click on the panel contents or click on the Edit Filter button, to display the Edit Filters dialog

The format is the feature field name, the conditions placed on the field value, the actual value or delimiting value to search on, and whether the filter item is required (mandatory)

The fields and options on the Other Filters tab are described below

Generate RTF Documentation

File and Print Options

RTF Style Template Editor

Add Filters




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Search In

Select the name of each feature field to search on



Select the condition of the search parameter

The available options are Contains, Equal To, Not Equals and One Of

Fields and Conditions

Look For

Specify the search term to perform the conditional search on

This value can pertain to the selected field; for example, the value could be a date for DateCreated or a text value for other fields

The search term can contain multiple values, separated by commas


Indicate that the search results must include elements with your search term in that field; you select these checkboxes on the Add Filters dialog

The fields listed as filters have an OR relationship when no Required checkboxes are selected; that is, if the search term is found in any one of those fields, then the element is displayed

Any field having the Required checkbox ticked overrides fields where the Required checkbox is not ticked

Adding Filters

Add Filter

Add a new set of parameters to filter the search on

Edit Filter

Open the Edit Filters dialog, which enables you to change the search parameters


Remove Filter

Remove the selected filter from the search