Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Hide Default Quick Linker Settings

If you have a Quick Linker definition with the Exclusive to stereotype flag (column P) set to TRUE, then the default Quick Linker definitions between the given source and target are overridden. However, you might want to override the defaults without actually having a Quick Linker definition. For example, if you don't define any Quick Links for a quick Class to another quick Class, Enterprise Architect displays the default Quick Links for a Class to another Class. To override this behaviour, create a Quick Linker definition that has the source element type, source stereotype filter, target element type and target stereotype filter fields (columns A, B, C and D) all set, with the Exclusive to stereotype flag (column P) set to TRUE, and with the new link type field (column H) set to <none>.

For example, add this line to the example in Quick Linker Example:


This overrides the default Class-to-Interface Quick Links when a Quick Link is dragged from a quick Class to an Interface element.

This technique does not affect the automatic appearance of Dependency, Trace, Information Flow and Help items on the Quick Linker menu.