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Import a UML Profile

To import a Profile you must have a suitable Profile XML file, such as the Profiles supplied on the Sparx Systems website. If the Profile includes references to any metafiles, they should be in the same directory as the Profile XML file.

How to

To import a Profile




Open the Resources window.



Right-click on the UML Profiles tree node and select the Import Profile context menu option.

The Import UML Profile dialog displays.



Locate the XML Profile file to import using the (  ...  ) (Browse) button.



Set the required import option checkboxes for all stereotypes defined in the Profile; you can select:

Element Size - to import the element size attributes
Color and Appearance - to import the color (background, border and font) and appearance (border thickness) attributes
Alternate Image - to import the metafile image
Code Templates - to import the code templates if they exist
Overwrite Existing Templates - to overwrite any existing code templates defined in the current project


Click on the Import button.

The Profile is added to the UML Profiles folder.



If the Profile already exists, Enterprise Architect prompts you to overwrite the existing version and import the new one (or cancel); once the import is complete, the Profile is ready to use
This topic describes importing a stand-alone Profile; you can also embed Profiles in an MDG Technology and import the Technology file into the Enterprise Architect installation directory

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