Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Synchronize Tagged Values and Constraints

When you create an element, attribute, operation or link from a UML Profile item, you add the Tagged Values and constraints from the Profile. Over time you might modify the constraints or the notes and tags of the Tagged Values of a particular profiled item, so the items already created might be missing additional Tagged Value tags and notes, or constraints.

Similarly, you might have manually set the stereotype on a set of elements and now want them to receive the Tagged Values and constraints associated with that stereotype.

To make sure you have all the related Tagged Values and constraints, use the Synchronize Stereotype function. This operates on both:

Profiles created in an MDG Technology File and not held in the Resources window - either an in-house customized Add-In, an imported external technology or an integrated technology provided with Enterprise Architect such as BPMN 1.1
Profiles imported to the Resources window


When a Profile or MDG Technology file is deployed in Enterprise Architect, the Profile can be accessed through a set of Toolbox pages for that Profile or Technology. The profiled elements in these Toolbox pages automatically trigger an additional context menu option, Synchronize Stereotype.

How to

To synchronize elements using the Profile or Technology pages of the Toolbox




Ensure that the Toolbox displays pages containing the stereotyped Profile elements.



Right-click on the element profile in the Toolbox (for example, the BPMN 1.1 Activity element).

The Toolbox context menu displays.



Click on the Synchronize Stereotype menu option.

The Synch Profiled Elements dialog displays.



Click on the OK button to proceed.

The Actions list is populated with the items that have been modified and the changes that were made.




You can quickly synchronize the tags and constraints of a single element in a diagram by dragging the updated profile element from the Toolbox page onto the element in the diagram, then selecting the Apply �stereotype� context menu option.


You can review any changes by displaying the element Properties dialog and by opening the Tagged Values window and clicking on an appropriate profiled element