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Title: Note links in sequence diagrams
Post by: Uffe on July 27, 2020, 05:29:13 pm

Notes linked to lifelines aren't very useful.

The default position is somewhere in the middle vertically, and horizontally some ways away from the actual lifeline because the link ends at the lifeline's bounding box (if you move the link up, it touches the lifeline's head).
This is bad to begin with, but if you've got lifelines with sub-lifelines, as in a class with ports, it becomes an actual horror show. It's scary.

So, 1: the note link should connect to the actual lifeline unless it's connected to the head.

2: Wouldn't it be useful to be able to link a note to an activation as well as to the lifeline as a whole?

Looking at the messages, you can link a note to a message, but you can't then move its anchor point -- it's center or nothing.
You are also unable to select the note link and delete it separately from the note itself.
Finally, not being able to select the link means you can't add kinks to it. It's a straight line and that's it.
All three are inconsistent with how the very same note links work with lifelines in the very same diagram.

So, 3: allowing the note link anchor to move along a message line would be useful. Yes?

And 4: you should be able to select a note link after attaching the note to a message, then be able to add/remove kinks and delete the link.

Btw, adding kinks in the line is a workaround to 1 and 2 but it isn't a good one because the dash format of the note link isn't the same as that of the lifeline (and you can't change it), the link is Z-ordered in front with no option to send it back, and of course the kink doesn't move with the lifeline.

EDIT: Actually the kinks can work for 1 and 2, and even 3 to some extent, although I'm not sure they're intended to.
If you link a note to a lifeline, then add a kink, the anchor point becomes moveable. You can then place the kink and the anchor point infinitesimally close right next to an activation or a message connector end, you can make it look as if the note is linked to the activation or message. For messages, this gives you the option of (apparently) anchoring a note link to either end of a message connector, although you still can't place it arbitrarily along the message line.

Title: Re: Note links in sequence diagrams
Post by: Paolo F Cantoni on July 27, 2020, 07:28:10 pm
Sounds good to me...

Title: Re: Note links in sequence diagrams
Post by: Richard Freggi on July 27, 2020, 07:37:27 pm
Title: Re: Note links in sequence diagrams
Post by: Uffe on July 27, 2020, 08:18:50 pm
OK, thanks guys. Feature request sent.