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Title: Workflow script doesn't work in EA16 (CanEditTag)
Post by: Arquesoft (Mauricio Moya) on May 25, 2022, 01:45:17 am
A workflow script tested and working since v 13.0 to 15.2 doesn't work in EA v 16. It seems the workflow event is not triggered in v 16.

You can reproduce the issue with this simple code in a workflow script:

Code: [Select]
option explicit

public function CanEditTag( TagName )
Session.Output("MetaType=" & WorkflowContext.MetaType)
CanEditTag = true
end function

Public Function PreAllowTagUpdate(TagName, OldValue, NewValue)
PreAllowTagUpdate = ""
End Function

You can note in previous versions the event is triggered and you can see the output in the System Output window. Now, you don't see any output. The event is not triggered anymore.