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General Board / CREATE INDEX DDL
« on: September 20, 2002, 06:21:50 am »
The DDL created for indexes always seems to look like

CREATE INDEX myindex ON mytable (myfield DESC|ASC, myotherfield DESC|ASC);

Why is DESC|ASC listed for every field when I can only define the order once for the whole index?

But the real problem is that two databases I'm using (Interbase and DBISAM) don't support that syntax at all, but need

CREATE DESCENDING|ASCENDING INDEX myindex ON mytable (myfield, myotherfield);

I don't find a way to change that syntax, can I? Is this the right place to ask for features like this, anyway?


General Board / Indexes always descending
« on: September 20, 2002, 05:46:30 am »
For some reason, all indexes I define get the DESC qualifier for each field when creating DDL... Only when I go to the Extended Properties dialog for each index, set to Descending and back to Ascending (to activate the Save button) and hit Save, DDL is created with ASC. Why doesn't EA simply leave out the qualifier if I didn't define one? The way it is, I'll have to work over all my indexes... :-(

General Board / Styles
« on: September 19, 2002, 03:48:10 am »

There are two things I find lacking about styles:

- Fonts are not saved together with the style
- I can't set a style for the link of an object in the current diagram, but always only for the object itself.

To explain the second point: For example, I have a database modell with a lot of tables (~50) and a lot of dependencies. I have several diagrams that are grouped logically and each of which contains some tables on the respective "topic". Now, each of these diagrams also shows some additional tables (that are primarily grouped under another topic) which have a relationship to the ones in that diagram. These additional tables provide context for the diagram so the viewer can see the closest related tables in addition to those which are defined in the diagram.
I'd like to set a style for the "secondary" tables in each diagram (like, a different background color) to distinguish them from the "primary" tables. But of course, in the other diagram where these tables are the "primary" tables, I still want them to look the same they used to. Is that clear?

Am I missing something? If not, any chance such a function may be introduced in the future?


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