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General Board / Re: External Requirement URL
« on: May 22, 2002, 12:08:14 am »

How about having a little checkbox to determine whether the URL is absolute or relative?


General Board / Re: Problems importing C++
« on: May 14, 2002, 03:34:00 am »
Okay, thanks, will try that right away!

And it did work! Thanks!

General Board / Problems importing C++
« on: May 13, 2002, 09:10:19 am »

When importing a class like this:

class COMMON_API TextPattern

EA thinks the class is called COMMON_API, not TextPattern. This ofcourse causes some serious import problems when all our classes are tagged with this macro.

By the way, when having very big diagrams, the gifs generated cannot be shown in Internet Explorer 6. Either this is a bug in IE6 or the gif is somehow faulty. Just wanted you to know...

General Board / Re: UML 1.4
« on: February 20, 2002, 12:10:51 am »
To be fully compliant with UML 1.4 (which I definitely think you should strive for), one issue you might still consider is removing the attributes from interfaces.

I quote from chapter 3.29.1 on page 3.51 in the UML 1.4 spec:

Interfaces do not have implementation. They lack attributes, states, or associations; they only have operations. [...] An interface is formally equivalent to an abstract class with no attributes and no methods and only abstract operations, [...]

If you think you need an interface with attributes then you are wrong. What you need is an abstract class.

You should remove this support, maybe by only offering the attributes to already existing interfaces, but it should not be possible to create new interfaces containing attributes.

General Board / Reimport versus synchronizing
« on: February 27, 2002, 07:27:03 am »

The c++ code generation and synchronization features are nice, but I would really, really very much like to have a reimport feature also, since the synchronize does not update the diagram properly. It leaves behind attributes which does not longer exist in the code, and if a class has been reparented this is not updated in the diagram.

Thanks for listening!

General Board / Problems with forward declarations in C++ import
« on: February 20, 2002, 08:39:04 am »

Consider having two files like this:

Code: [Select]

class A : public SomeClass


Code: [Select]

class A; // forward declaraction

class B

When importing these two files into EA it works almost correct (apart from problems previously reported), but EA for some reason thinks that class B is inherited from SomeClass.

General Board / Auto layout is great!
« on: February 19, 2002, 01:27:09 am »
Just tried the Auto layout of diagram for the first time in a while - you have improved this quite a lot don't you?!!

Thank you guys - keep up the good work!


General Board / Re: Reverse Engineering - Problems with Friends
« on: February 13, 2002, 05:20:02 am »
I am using EA 3.10 build 461.

I am not sure whether my problem is caused by the same as yours, but I also do get the Error reading file error when reading the following:

Code: [Select]

class OutputPort : public JobReceivingModule
     // Construct an output port, using the passed configuration.
     OutputPort(const String &moduleName, ModuleConfiguration *configuration, CommController *comm);

     virtual ~OutputPort();

     virtual String      getModuleType();

     void onPauseProcessing() { JobReceivingModule::onPauseProcessing(); }

     void onScheduler(int ScheduleID) { }

     void onStopProcessing()      { JobReceivingModule::onStopProcessing(); }

     void onStartProcessing() { JobReceivingModule::onStartProcessing(); }


What is actually imported looks like this when generated:

Code: [Select]

class OutputPort : public JobReceivingModule


     OutputPort(const String& moduleName,ModuleConfiguration* configuration,CommController* comm);
     virtual ~OutputPort();
     virtual String getModuleType();

     void onPauseProcessing();

As it can be seen it is clear that everything that follows an inline function is not imported  8).

I'm glad that it's not me who's building this importer...! ;)

General Board / Re: Multiple inheritance
« on: December 09, 2001, 12:08:56 pm »

I would also very much like to see support for multiple inheritance in C++. We use it all the time and might even have to consider another UML tool if it is not added to EA soon - and that would be to bad since EA is a very promising product.

General Board / Import foward declarated classes from Delphi
« on: December 12, 2001, 04:13:28 am »

EA does not handle the importing of forward declarated classes in Delphi correct:

TFirstClass = class;
TSecondClass = class
 A : TFirstClass

TFirstClass = class
 B : TSecondClass

It results in one class (TFirstClass) having the properties of both classes.

General Board / Re: Sequence Diagrams
« on: December 12, 2001, 08:25:42 am »

Regarding your first question I would say that you definitely create B directly.

Your next question is a bit tricky. I don't think that you should try doing it (you can't). Conceptually bob() is called on B and although it is not overrided in B any calls to other virtual methods would call methods in B (if overrided in B). So I think it is okay that it seems as if you call bob() directly on B.

EA Usage:
1. You can have an object send a destroy message to itself. Would this work for you?

2. I don't think so, haven't been able to find it myself.

3. In this case I would prefer to add an instance of the class twice to the sequence diagram and give show the that the two objects actually are the same instance by giving them the same name.

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