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Bugs and Issues / EAP Project Diagram link integrity overwrite
« on: February 28, 2008, 03:41:20 pm »
A developer has logged a fault with my support group and is experiencing the following issue with his EAP project:

EA Version:  7.0
EA Add In:  No Add-In
Build No:  817
Repository Type:  No Repository
Operating System:  Windows XP

1) He'll get prompted with a message stating "Warning: Diagram has possibly been modified by another user.  Press OK to continue and overwrite existing diagram or Cancel to reload existing copy of this diagram" while working on a "Business Process Model".

2) Whether he selects "OK" or "Cancel" the BPM will then lose all the work done during that session.

3) The major issue in the above is that EA automatically updates the BPM making incorrect changes to many of the links.  In turn the developer has to go back and fix all the in correct updates.   Hours of work are then lost.

The developer insists that no other users are using his project as they're working independantly.

Things we've tried to do so far:
1) Executed a data integrity check (some link issues were discovered)
2) Executed a clean and recover
3) Created a new EAP and imported the data from the original project to the new EAP.

None of the above efforts have resolved the problem.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?  If so what was the resoltuion?


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