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Uml Process / Modelling Basics: Collection types
« on: November 26, 2007, 02:04:33 am »

I am just trying some basic stuff in order to evaluate the product. Many things work nicely, but I haven't found a way to model collection types in class diagrams consistently.

Let's start with properties: suppose I have a List of type Customer, then I can assign the type "Customer" to the property and check the "Attribute is a Collection" checkbox in the "Detail" tab and enter "List" as the container type. This works fine.

However, if I want to use a Collection as return type of an operation, I do not have this "Detail" tab. The only thing I found is the "Return Array" checkbox, that way I could at least have a Customer[].

But what if I want to use a List of Customers as a parameter to an operation? I have found no way to do that.

I know that I could just type something like List<Customer> or Customer (List) in the type field, but then there is no internal connection to the Customer type. If I renamed Customer to, say, MyCustomer, then all those "improvised" constructs will not be updated.

I'm not even into code generation yet, this is just some very basic UML modelling, surely I am missing something here?

Many thanks in advance for any pointers,


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