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thanks for the suggestion, but the team prefers Metaplan-Paper-Cards for Kanban.
They think, that the usability and configuration in EA for Kanban is too complex for them. They decide....

Best regards

I would like to color elements automatically with the help of legends.
This works wonderful with single values for certain attributes or simple tagged values.
But I would like to use a tagged value of the type "Checklist". This displays "Complete" or "Incomplete" depending on approved values. The project wants to see a green element if all definition of done criteria for this element (scrum) are fullfilled.
I failed to use the tagged value type "Checklist" for autocoloring with legends.
Has anyone an idea what to do?
Best regards

Great, thatīs it!
Thank you very much!

when I drag elements from the toolbox to the diagram there is always the property-window, where I have to give a name to the new element.
Unfortunately this window has a certain latency (about 0,5 to 1 seconds, terminal server environment).
Modelers in our company are too impatient for that... . They want to "paint" as quickly as possible and do the names etc. afterwards.
Is there a way to disable the name-question for new elements?
Best regards


I have a User Story in a Kanban-Diagram. The User Story has notes. I would like to display the notes in the diagram, so I use: Ctrl-Shift-Y and activate "show notes".
Unfortunately Notes are not shown.
Suprisingly when I go in the property-windows (the separate window, not the element context), and select the "types" three dots and abort afterwards, the notes are displayed. Fine. But when I reload the diagram or open it again, the notes are not displayed any more.
Can you reproduce it?
(EA 13 build 1307)
Best regards

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