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Could you make use of the new Metamodel in EA14?

I don't think it will quite achieve what you want - you need a Stereotyped diagram (I wonder whether you could specify the Archimate diagram you want and it would work with that? Otherwise you need to create your own diagram type anyway) and use a View Specification to expose the desired element and connector types. If you can also create a template package then new diagrams of that type can by default by created with your metamodel selected.

It won't stop users switching back to the full toolbox and using more element types.

Alternatively, you could probably modify the Sparx supplied Archimate xml file defining the MDG (probably by creating your own MDG and selected cut and paste into Sparx's Archimate definition), but I'm not sure that is ideal from a longer term support.

The first two bullets can be achieved by setting the desired landing page as the "model default" (EA 14 - Layout - Diagram - Manage - Set as Model Default), which will set the first page opened (both as the EA model and the HTML start page). Although looking at the Publish as HTML dialog, you can actually choose the default HTML diagram from the model default, current diagram or choose a specific diagram.

I can't answer the rest of your request as all I am aware of is the Publish as HTML which is package based as you seem to be aware.

The only option I can think of would be to arrange your packages to include only the diagrams and packages that you want to publish under one specific package, but that may not be practical/result in more confusion within the model.

Is there a way to delete a connector tagged value in a script?
I am able to traverse the tagged values associated with a script to identify the ones I wish to delete but there is no delete method for a ConnectorTag! Have I missed something or can they not be deleted from within a script?

General Board / How to identify XMI Import errors
« on: August 14, 2018, 06:54:29 pm »
I have created several packages used to create model templates for the model wizard in an MDG Technology. When I use the wizard some Errors flash up, so I re-imported my model template through the XMI Import option. The log file generated also has errors (e.g. Unknown dependency source or target), but no help as to what reference is missing or even just a line number in the XML file.

I've obviously got something wrong, most likely referenced to an object outside of the package structure from which the XMI Export is done. There are many diagrams and elements, with an XMI file over 9000 lines, so manually identifying the error is not going to be easy.

Is there a way that I can get more information from EA (or some alternative XMI inspection program) which can help me identify the offending error?

Sparx have changed how the quicklinker works in EA14 - I have reported some inconsistencies to them - some have been fixed and some I am told that is how the quicklinker now works (for creating custom MDG Technologies).

As it worked in EA13 it might fall into the now broken (rather than the that's how it is now) category so worth raising as a bug with Sparx. I assume that you are using the Sparx supplied Archimate MDG technology.

General Board / Re: EA data model
« on: July 31, 2018, 09:51:16 pm »
Option 1 - the Automation.pdf guide in the PDF library (under Resources at the top of this page).
Option 2 - Change the extension of the EAP file (so long as you are using that format) to MDB and open it in Microsoft Access.

General Board / Re: WebEA: Embed read-only diagram
« on: July 31, 2018, 06:09:21 pm »
Not used WebEA - are you relying on the link to show the current state of the diagram with updates as you make them? An alternative might be to export the diagram as an image and import that into Confluence. I appreciate that might not achieve what you are trying to do as it's then not reflecting the current state of the model.

General Board / Re: Export matrix definitions with MDG Technology
« on: July 31, 2018, 05:49:38 pm »
So that gives me a blank file if I only select Matrix Profiles. I've tried both EA 14 and 13.5.

If I select everything and import into a blank file then I can import RTF document templates, so my export is fundamentally working. On the import from the everything export, there is nothing to do with matrix as an option.

Interestingly the export window states "Diagram Matrix Profiles". I am assuming these are the same as a Relationship Matrix (from Design - Impact - Matrix). It also fits that they are alongside Gap Matrix Profiles. I have six Relationship Matrices defined so there are some to export.

Grateful for any ideas.

General Board / Export matrix definitions with MDG Technology
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:17:54 am »
I have created half a dozen matrix profiles. They only get exported with an XMI export for use in a model if I include a hyperlink on a diagram. Is there a way to enforce export of defined matrix profiles without having to add them as a hyperlink?

I was thinking that there should be a means to export with an MDG Technology, although since they need to reference specific packages I can see why they might only get associated with an XML file for use as a wizard.

General Board / System Output not displaying Profile conflict
« on: July 24, 2018, 01:08:53 am »
I have (temporarily and deliberately) enabled two MDG Technologies with the same name and ID - but I am not getting the warning that I should do in the System Output window. I did recently see this and have confirmed the warning is now not appearing in 13.5, 14.0.1420 and 14.0.1422. I was trying different versions just in case there was a bug in the latest.

I am wondering - have I accidentally enabled an option not to warn me on duplicate MDG Technologies? I can't find one anywhere.

General Board / Re: Icon overlay
« on: July 16, 2018, 11:53:05 pm »
Martin - I get this occasionally without intending to - I've figured out it's always when typing something with all caps, such as acronyms. In most applications shift+space between words (e.g. an acronym followed by another word starting with a capital) still adds a space, but in EA it adds the bookmark instead! It's been there ages, not new in EA14.

General Board / Using built-in icons for toolbox with hidden sub menu
« on: June 30, 2018, 12:24:48 am »
I've created a hidden sub menu for my toolbox with three sub-tools with an MDG Technology. Because it's hidden the toolbox icon has defaulted to a folder icon. What I would like is to use the built-in UML Requirement icon - I don't see any documentation to do that, but is it somehow possible?

If I don't create a hidden menu, with a tool based on the UML::Requirement element it shows the correct icon.

General Board / Re: unchecked "Show Namespace" as default?
« on: June 13, 2018, 07:43:48 pm »
If you define a templates package (from the ribbon in EA14 Configure - Reference Data - Settings - Project Template Package), create a blank template diagram and uncheck the option then new diagrams will take the settings from that template package. I think you would need to generate a template diagram for each diagram type.

General Board / Re: Re-use existing MDG diagrams within a custom MDG?
« on: June 06, 2018, 08:16:26 pm »
KP - I've tried replicating the custom metamodel, but am not getting very far. I think where the example page shows SysML1.5 that it should be SysML1.4 to start with, but even then it doesn't work. Is there an example model that could be downloaded?

General Board / Re: Re-use existing MDG diagrams within a custom MDG?
« on: June 05, 2018, 11:05:08 pm »
Thanks Peter

I was hoping to be able to use the SysML diagrams as-is (i.e. not have to redefine all the settings), but your parameters give me enough to re-create the diagram and pickup the toolbox so that is great thanks. Importantly that would then pickup any fixes put in by Sparx (as well as being less customisation).

The Alias becomes the Type on the diagram properties (which otherwise defaults to the base diagram) so probably is important in the long term for making diagrams as close as possible to the standard SysML.

At least I can create diagrams and re-use the SysML toolboxes, which is probably most important.

Actual SysML diagrams have the diagram frame on-screen (and a new option on the right-click menu "Hide Diagram Frame"), completely separate from the options to include the diagram frame on published/printed images. I'm not overly bothered about having the frame on screen, but wondered how that is replicated?

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