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Thanks Ufffe.

I have found one table t_files. Is there any other table?

HI All

I am trying to search for data which is getting stored as discussions, modal chat among users in a repository using 'Discussion' option from ribbon menu in version 13.
Can anybody please tell me in which table/tables its getting stored in database? I could not find it in one of the documents provided which was for older version.

I am using version 13.


Hi All

I have installed sparx key store on one of the machines but i have noticed one thing. As soon as the Sparx Systems Keystore Service restarts, the key store is not able to access key file sskeys.dat and throws error saying not able to connect to localhost. If i try to access keys, it shows empty and does not allow to add any key too.

The workaround is to delete sskeys.dat file and only then i can add same keys again, which creates fresh sskeys.dat (there is no change in hard disk or directory structure as i read somewhere while creating dat file sparx consider these two factors to generate encrypted key, to protect software from license violation).

Any idea why service restarts makes sskeys.dat invalid?

Appreciate help.


HI All

I need to execute scripts,(vb and jscript) available in EA, from outside EA after launching EAP file.

Any function that has been exposed through Sparx EA that i can use to execute these scripts?
I can execute these scripts from outide EA only after doing certain changes such as syntax update so that i can call these scripts using WScript tool but i need to avoid steps where this code conversion is required and can consume original script at both places, inside Enterprise Architect using user interface and outside Enterprise Architect using function/utility exposed by Sparx API.

Please help.


Thanks KP!!

I have one more query.

Is there any way to initiate execution of jscript/vbscript from outside EA?
Scripts are available in Enterprise Architect but can I initiate the execution using EAP file as i can access repository through it.


Hi Paolo

when i was trying to get help on my problem, browsing through content published by sparx. The user guide available on sparx website points to version 9.3 as below:

Is there any updated version which points to latest version (13)?


HI Paolo

I have few scripts created in EA and objective was to run these outside EA and preferably from command line. So i exported these scripts in .js file and done few changes such as
1. create repository using below code
Repository= new ActiveXObject("EA.Repository");
2. I am passing packages, elements,diagrams in function and consuming them through local variables so while converting, i initialized these variables as null instead of EA.XXX(package/element/diagram) and find the respective element using GUID. for example

before (In EA)
function testPackage(package);
var testPackage as EA.Package;
testPackage =testPackage;

After (in jscript outside EA)

function testPackage(packageGUID);
var testPackage=null;

3. Calling Repository.CloseFile() and Repository.Exit() to kill the EA instance so that after script execution there is no extra running EA instance (i found out 20+ instances running in task manager as i was testing the script and not releasing EA instance created through jscript)
4. Repository.Openfile2(eapfile,username,password).
As i am trying to access EAP file outside EA, i need to give additional information to access the file.
5. Replace few things in code accordingly such as instead of calling Session.Output to print something on console used WScript.Echo


I figured it out!!!
Now able to run jscript from command line using cscript after modification in original script which was created in EA.

Thanks again for help.

Thanks Helmut for pointing in right direction.

I found very useful content there.

And Geert....thanks again for helping us out.

I am trying another approach as well where i can call vbscript/javascript from command line using tools such as cscript and wscript. But in the script, i am not able to create repository object (i tried using createobject method).

Also if i include !INC Local Scripts.EAConstants-JScript (or VBScript), the code does not comply.

How shall i go about it? Executing scripts using command line?


Hello All

I have a current requirement where i am converting scripts written in EA to c# code. As an alternative, I am trying to execute a jacascript/vbscript,craeted in Eenterprise Architecht, from C# using EA's scripting console and using command supported by this console such as

i(nclude) name - executes the named script item; name is of the format GroupName.ScriptName (spaces are allowed
in names) ? - (without the !) lists commands

Is there any API exposed by sparx to call/access this scripting console so that i don't have to re-invent the wheel (script can be written in javascript/vbscript and i am not the original author of it). I came across some content where we can write c# code in Enterprise architect as well.

But as i said, scripts are going to be either in javascript or vbscript, so can i access scripting's console in my c# code (outside EA, accessing EA's interop) and call these javascript/vbscript in EA?

Is there any other way to achieve this? (calling script in EA from C#).

Any help is highly appreciated.


Thanks Uffe for clearing the doubt.

We are using floating license so every instance is linked with a key which we already have access to.

HI All

I have developed a window service which is trying to initiate EA instance and execute certain actions using this instance. But I am not able to initiate this instance. Since it's an exe and windows service run in isolated mode and does not have access to initialize exe, so i have done changes in Window service code, making it calling exes (i have tried with few basics such as cmd.exe, notepad.exe).The service is able to call these exe but still not able to start EA. The instance never initializes.

What is it that i am doing wrong?

Any help is highly appreciated.


HI All

I have a web application written in C# which is trying to access EA repository and update some content in it. But when the application tries to connect to EA component, i receive COM error if there is no instance of EA is running on the web server hosting the web application.

In component services, i have updated 'Identity' properties for EA component and given a specific user rights to execute it. I have updated access permissions, launch and activation permissions, configuration permissions in 'Security' tab too to 'customize' and given execution rights to same user defined in 'Identity' tab.

As long as i have initiated an instance of EA, after logging into machine from the same specific user, i can access the repository component from web application. If no such scenario is running on web server i.e. no prior EA instance running under specific user, i will start getting COM error in web application.

Sparx version i have tried this with are 12 and 13.

Is there any better, more simplistic way to access this EA component from web application (without initializing the instance first)?

Appreciate the help.


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