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Hi Geert,

Now I have found the reason of my problem. When I am using the "distinct" in my query, it returns only 255 characters of the Note file of the Object. This looks strange to me.
But now I have to modify my query in order it returns a single row for one object.

Thanks a lot for your support

Hi Geert,
I am back again.

I tried following query using a hyphen:
select distinct (o.object_ID), o.ea_guid AS CLASSGUID, o.Object_Type AS CLASSTYPE, as ObjectName, p1.value as ObjectID, p2.value as MESRelease,
o.note as "Note-Formatted", c.start_object_id
from t_object o, t_connector c, t_objectproperties p, t_objectproperties p1, t_objectproperties p2 where ........

and I got following error:
Error: Code = 0x0 Source = Line: 0; Char : 0 Error Description = (null)

I didn't configure a custom field for the "Note-Formatted", therefore the error seems to be generated, while executing the query.
The other fields (ObjectName, ObjectID and MESRelease) are reported.

Any ideas?

By the way: I am using EA version 12.0.1214 and Database version 4.01.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Geert,
thanks for your help. I tried it out only now, but it didn't works.

1. The query did work only in the format ....Note as [Note-Formatted], a dot "." always returned an error
2. In the custom field on the template I tried different variants, but I only get the 255 characters.

Did you tried it out?
How was your query and how was the exact content of the custom field?


I have created a document template with an embedded fragment. Within the fragment (template) I am using a custom query to select a specific requirements. From these requirements I want to display some attributes and of of them is the description which is stored in the field t_object.note.
The syntax of the query is like Select o.note as RequirementDescription from t_object o .....where ....
and the alias  RequirementDescription is mapped to the field in the fragment.     
Now I have recognized, that in case of a long description I got not the whole text but only 254 characters.
Is there a way to read the whole content and bring it to the document?

Thanks for your help

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