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Hi all.

In our project we are generating the design documentation out of the EA model. This includes the diagrams as well as element notes.
The common structure is
- a package (defining a chapter)
- with a number of diagrams
- and their associated notes (providing the description).

From inside the notes we are using hyperlinks to other EA elements inside the generated document. EA generates bookmarks (like BKM_E9ED2510_1322_4B7D_B80F_226B067582B4) to be used as link targets. Unfortunatly, these bookmarks are placed at the end of some section. For example: If we add a hyperlink to a diagram, the link is placed bejond the diagram and also bejond the note associated with that diagram.

Is there a way to jump to a position just before the referenced element (in example above: the diagram)?

Thanks for your help

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