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Just an update regarding my upcoming Visual Studio extension for EA Add-Ins: I believe I have now solved the problem of non-admin installation in a way that can be smoothly integrated into Studio.
This means you will be able to build non-admin installers using this solution.
You will also be able to debug your Add-In without admin privileges, and without breaking your normal Studio workflow: just hit F5 and you're away. Right out of the box.

When will it be available, where and how?

Does anybody know, use and can share experiences with EA.Gen.Addin?

Thank you. I did not know. I will try this.

Sparx introduced the concept of JavaScript Add-ins recently for such a purpose. Providing you can do what you need in JavaScript then you should be good to go with that option. The one limitation we found is if you need a multi-field dialog for user input. Couldn't see a way of doing that in JavaScript. See page 487 of automation manual

Interesting I came across another manual for V15.2 when looking up the manual. So here is an insight on what is to come once V15.2 is released.
V15.2 is currently in Beta

Many thanks. I should have mentioned that we are using C# and that we do not want / cannot change that.

We need admin-rights to install and change addins.

So I was looking for solutions, something like a bridge, I install once and routes to the actual assembly. And I found several: (1),,39511.0.html (2), (3) and exploringea (4).

All of them seem to be “under development”.
(1): not sure about that.
(2): does not seem to exist, maybe.
(3): sounds promising, but do not understand how to use it.
(4): does not seem to exist anymore.

Can somebody recommend a solution?

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