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General Board / Re: Sparx support to multi-environment setup
« on: July 05, 2024, 10:24:26 pm »
Project transfer is also an option, but that takes way longer then database restore. (hours vs seconds)


We used that function a while ago and this is indeed slow and error prone.
It doesn't like 'special' characters such smileys  :D

General Board / Re: Sparx support to multi-environment setup
« on: July 05, 2024, 06:02:24 pm »

Database restore can be used to copy production to another environment.
That's the plan and will necessitate the involvement of the DBAs
To speed up the process (i.e. remove the DBAs from the equation) some wish to use the CVS export/import function.
However would that be an exact copy as it would be with a complete database copy?


General Board / Sparx support to multi-environment setup
« on: July 04, 2024, 11:34:04 pm »
Hi guys, I'm looking at (best) practices to setup properly multiple pre-prod Sparx environments as well to have them periodically refreshed with production data.

Is Sparx familiar with such common setup in large organizations?
Does Sparx provide built-in tools or guidance to support such a multi-environment setup?

Thx for your input!

PCS General Board / Re: API call - Tag returns multiple values
« on: September 30, 2023, 02:17:31 am »
Hi Geert,
Indeed duplicate tags and to complicate things 'show duplicates' was tuned off in the fat client so we could not see them.
While these duplicates are returned with PCS/API calls (that's how we discovered the issue), they do not show up either when doing an export to csv file... Bug?

Is there a way to block this behaviour with a tag filter or else?

Thx a lot,

I tried your SQL script but it did not return anything...

PCS General Board / API call - Tag returns multiple values
« on: September 29, 2023, 12:20:33 am »
We use Sparx APIs exposed on PCS to retrieve information out of Sparx DB and especially some tagged value types.
Although several values are available to pick up from, only a single value is 'registered' at any time and thus only a single value should come back to any API request.
However we have several tagged value types that return systematically 2 values and we don't understand why
Within Sparx EA fat client we see a single value assign to those behaving tags, making this issue even weirder...

Any idea what's going on here?

Thx for your help!

N.B. Sparx EA 16.1, PCS 5.1, Oracle DB

General Board / Sparx EA and Dynatrace
« on: June 28, 2023, 08:25:10 pm »
Hi Guys,
We are lucky to have Dynatrace in the company and we would like to onboard our Sparx solution into it.
Do you have any guideline on having Sparx EA monitored in Dynatrace?
For instance how would you monitor the Sparx EA calls to PCS?
Is there any Dynatrace integration package planned on the roadmap?

Thx for your help!

Additionally we have the following error message in the development IDE:

OSLC DB query error - select Object_ID as EAID, Object_Type as EAType, Stereotype, Runstate from t_object where ea_guid = '{E9A2736C-637C-40dc-8F40-4D9D4F6BF5B6}'

The guid exists for sure.

While comparing to a 'standard' SQL query, the major difference is Object_Type AS CLASSTYPE where in the OSLC API call it is Object_Type as EAType

Any hint and can this be the root cause of the 500 ISE?


Look through this forum and you find that Oracle is a bad choice for use with EA. They use a lot of tiny queries while Oracle is tuned for jackhammer queries.


Thx qwerty
I can only concur with that statement.
It is planned to ditch Oracle for another RDBS.
Which Amazon RDS engine is recommended here?


Hi guys,

Hope this is the right forum for this question.

We have Sparx EA 16.x along with PCS 5.x
DB is Oracle on RHEL.
DB config settings are default ones.

We are developing a tool to interact with Sparx DB through the OSLC API's.
So far so good however now our developers are getting time to time an 500 internal server error when GETting data from /oslc/am/nestedresources/ !?

We suspect Max Simultaneous Queries...

Do you have any hint on the issue here?


Thanks Qwerty and Geert.
Registry obviously  :D
We will try Geert's EA-Matic script and add additional 'global' user settings we would like to see checked and verified.

because we don't trus the user to actually close EA when we ask nicely
so true  ;D

Hi guys,

We have many architects working with Sparx EA 16.x as a published application on Citrix.
On several occasions we had troubles with elements moving around and nesting with other parents creating a mess in our structures.
Most of the time it was related to "Auto Group Elements (hold ALT to toggle)" that toggled ON for no apparent reason!

Questions are:
  • Can we programmatically check that this parameter is toggled OFF every time Sparx EA starts?
  • Is there a way to centrally managed those parameters for all users?

Thx a lot for your advices and hints.

General Board / Re: Disable Paste Element as New
« on: March 01, 2023, 02:15:04 am »
Thanks Geert!

General Board / Disable Paste Element as New
« on: February 28, 2023, 09:17:04 pm »
Hi guys,
Running Sparx EA v16.x with PCS and an Oracle DB.
We have created many elements and set them as "common and shared elements" amongst all diagrams.
We also grouped them in a structural way in the Browser viewpoint.
We locked away (Group lock) those elements to make sure only a few users can edit them.
However still we cannot control and restrict the duplication (Paste operation -> Elements(s) as New) of those "common and shared elements".
Is there a way to restrict and control (permission-based?) this behaviour/operation for certain elements only i.e. those "common and shared elements"?

Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you for your feedback guys.
Pardon the noob question but I thought that OSLC restful API could be a solution to retrieve such information rather than using CSV model or the legacy direct DB connection.
Am I mixing up things here or is it just that OSLC API is too much of an hassle to 'just' retrieve tags!?

Hi guys,
Reaching out the forum for a concern that landed in my basket.
We need to synchronize some of authoritative Sparx tags we set on a bunch of application components to our our group CMDB.
We have a 'classy' on-prem setup (EA Unified Ed) with floating licenses, Oracle DB and EA client distributed as a Citrix published app.

The group CMDB exposes some API's that we plan to use to achieve that sync.

The idea would be to develop some code (JAVA, .NET or VBS) that would read from the DB and put/post the tags to the group CMDB.

You may have already gone through same kind of request!
I'm looking for any tip, advice, attention point you would like to share.

Thanks a lot!

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