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I may have expressed myself incorrectly. For instance, when I export a diagram, currently it seems to export the entire folder where the diagram is located, but I only want to export the diagram itself.

Does Enterprise Architect's XML export function export all the contents of the folder where the current content is located, along with the selected content? How can I avoid this and only export the selected file and its referenced content?

The Enterprise Architect Specialized Manage Add-ins plugin is reporting an error - Missing (0x800401f3). Do you know what might be causing this issue?

Could you please help me provide a solution approach? I don't have any experience in this area.

Are you referring to developing a program yourself to perform this operation?

Regarding the issue of copying references in Enterprise Architect, do you have any other solutions?

Thank you. When using Lemon Tree to compare and merge files, if the file size exceeds about 1GB, the comparison will fail. Do you have a better solution for this?

Thank you very much for your answer. I have another question to ask you. Why does the size of the merged file become larger than the original sizes of the two files after copying the contents of one Enterprise Architect to another one? Do you have any solutions for this?

When using the replication feature in Enterprise Architect to copy a folder that contains, for example, an architecture diagram and its referenced content, how can you ensure that the referenced content is also copied along with the diagram to another folder?

How to copy the reference relationship content of copied content from the current Enterprise Architect file to another Enterprise Architect file together

Thanks a lot.
I'll make a try.

Yes, this issue is for 15.2 -- I once tried to install to verify on 16, but as you see, I have to change the installer.

so, what step did I miss?

the EA's version is 15.2.

I made an Add-On Installer, but it seems that some interface changed, I can't install it for EA 16.

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