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PCS General Board / Re: Issues with the upgrade to PCS 5.1.128
« on: May 14, 2024, 02:33:01 pm »
Before Christmas we completed an upgrade to PCS 5.1.128 (and WebEA v5.1.128.2650) and found some issues for which we have an open support case. Considering the initial reply to the support case, I thought it could be good to post in the forum and see if anybody has seeing something similar. The issues are:

1) WebEA has stopped working when connecting to models with Model Security enabled. Prior to the update, WebEA worked fine with the same configuration.

2) The PCS log is littered with messages like "[WARNING]: [Active Directory] Failed to set name to translate 2023-12-21 17:09:37 [WARNING]: Name translation: Unable to resolve completely, only the domain was found." followed by "[WARNING]: Thread 60 Authentication - Windows: user '[DOMAIN]\[USERNAME]' is not valid for model 'Sparx_EA_Repository'". However, all models are accessible through Sparx EA via PCS, and none of the users are getting any error messages.wordle

3) We have also noticed that PCS Config reports Pro Models 0 / 7 but cannot recall if we were seeing something similar with the previous version.

The 2nd issue is odd, model security still works despite the warning, PCS appears to be using the e-mail address instead of the fully qualified username - i.e., [USERNAME]@[DOMAIN] instead of [DOMAIN]\[USERNAME], it fails when when it tries to use [DOMAIN]\[USERNAME] but succeeds when it tries [USERNAME]@[DOMAIN].
I just tried it out of fun. And I had no issue.

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