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If I clone a package as new version and add clone an entity to modify when I go to code generation > generate DDL it does not generate DDL for all the structure, only the elements

consider this structure for example
├─ <<version>> v1/
│  ├─  ModelDiagram
│  ├─ <<table>> bar
│  ├─ <<table>> foo
├─ <<version>> v2/

If I do right click on v1 -> clone structure as new version and enter details for v2, I end up with a new version of ModelDiagram under v2 with elements as links to the tables in v1.

The problem with that is that if I want to add or remove attributes, I not only modify v2 but also v1. I would like the option to have a full clone as new version so that i can keep track of the changes to my model over time and not make changes to previous versions of the model. Consider that in many cases my application needs to support several versions at the same time.

At the moment, I circumvent this by right click on v1 -> copy -> copy full structure for duplication and manually set the stereotype of v2 as version. But this doesn't link it back the diagram in v2 to v1 in terms of diagram versions

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