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PCS Bugs and Issues / Re: PHP security
« on: Today at 09:55:33 am »
Doing a little more research (WebEA Quick Start Guide | Enterprise Architect User Guide (
WebEA Installation and Configuration | Enterprise Architect User Guide ( XAMPP is suggested.

However XAMPP themselves state "XAMPP is not meant for production use but only for developers in a development environment"

In the readme.txt it states
A matter of security (A MUST READ!)

As mentioned before, XAMPP is not meant for production use but only for developers in a development environment. The way XAMPP is configured is to be open as possible and allowing the developer anything he/she wants. For development environments this is great but in a production environment it could be fatal. Here a list of missing security

- The MySQL administrator (root) has no password.
- The MySQL daemon is accessible via network.
- phpMyAdmin is accessible via network.
- Examples are accessible via network.

PCS Bugs and Issues / PHP security
« on: Today at 09:10:57 am »
Recent PHP security issues (CVE-2024-4577) mean we need to urgently update to PHP 8.3.8.
Is anyone running PCS on this version of PHP and is it working OK?

(and its a nuisance that XAMPP releases seen to be running so far behind)

I have heard from support:
Thank you for the enquiry.
 Our developers have confirmed that this is a bug and it is logged to be fixed. We cannot yet say when (in which build) the fix will be implemented.
 The issue id is : 24057410

Suggestions and Requests / Re: UAF MDG Request
« on: May 29, 2024, 06:23:12 am »
Can I add that some of the analysis patterns, e.g.  Azure (Nov 2022), AWS etc. need to be frequently updated,
and must be able to be updated on the fly, rather than waiting for new releases.
(BTW could we please have consistent naming standards for these patterns. e.g. Nov 2022, Rel 1, Rel 5, v1.5 are not helpful when attempting to understand what the most recent version is (tip: date works well))

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Improved support for View columns
« on: May 17, 2024, 06:05:14 am »
I support this

General Board / UML Type user security permission
« on: May 16, 2024, 02:38:18 pm »
What is the user security permission I need to set to allow users to define 'Tagged Value Types' (under 'UML Types').



IIRC 16.0 introduced the improved collaboration capabilities like Auto-refresh Diagrams and Auto-Reload changed Diagrams
, there are settings in preferences->general->diagrams for this which by default are off, if you set these you should not have the pop-up anymore.

I'm afraid I've had "Auto reload diagrams" set on since I don't know when. [Set in Preferences]
It has made no difference to this problem occurring.

I didn't have auto refresh on so I've now set it on to 7 seconds. [Set from Layout Ribbon > Autorefresh]
I'll see what happens with that. (this appears to be a per diagram setting, so it could be irritating to have to set it for every diagram)

Using EA 1627 I observer that the Azure Icons and Images date from Nov 2022.

These are in many cases
Product Name Changes | M365 Maps
well out of date

Are there any newer version available or downloadable?



I too see a similar problem. I can be the only person working in the model, and yet still be told that another person has modified the model and I have to reload.
When I do so I can loose quite a number of changes.
My work around is the old microsoft office one, ctrl-s every time I change something.

General Board / Re: Searchable connector properties?
« on: January 22, 2024, 12:52:33 pm »
For example I have a number of connectors named "SSL" and I want to update them to "TLS"

[This won't directly answer your question (sorry!)]

If we have established that you can't *easily* search by Connector 'Name'.

I'd suggest that SparxSystems could *easily* add a search fo connector (arc) attributes to the tool.
After all its a database and everything is retrievable.
Furthermore it would be *easy* to then have a context menu for the results of the search that provided options to open the properties for that connector, or listed the diagrams the connector is (displayed) in.

General Board / Re: Searchable connector properties?
« on: January 19, 2024, 08:50:45 am »
For example I have a number of connectors named "SSL" and I want to update them to "TLS"

General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« on: January 19, 2024, 08:49:28 am »
yeah sorry, fixed now, the forum editor every now and then decides its going to add some formatting (and I didn't notice)

General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« on: January 17, 2024, 08:31:36 am »

One of the recent query i shared.. (replace Name with Stereotype for your need)
Code: [Select]
select c.Name as Name, ce.Name as ClientName,  ce.Object_Type as ClientType, se.Name as SupplierName, se.Object_Type as SupplierType   
from (( t_connector c
left join t_object ce on ce.Object_ID = c.End_Object_ID )
left join t_object se on se.Object_ID = c.Start_Object_ID )
where c.Name ='<Search Term>'

This is useful thanks, but how to I add CLASSGUID, CLASSTYPE (and optionally CLASSTABLE) as suggested by Geert so I can (say) open the properties of the connector (or even find it in a diagram)?

General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« on: January 17, 2024, 08:23:18 am »
I'm just jumping in here belatedly to support Matthew's request.

I too would like to see in "Find in Project" (ctrl-F) a 'Search Category' such as "Connector Searches" where attributes found in a Connector's Properties (such as Name, Alisa, Note) could be searched.

It doesn't seem like rocket science, and it seems strange that in an information management tool such as Enterprise Architect this information is not simply available at a user's fingertips.

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