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Uml Process / How to link requirements to process flow
« on: June 16, 2015, 09:43:59 am »
Hi guys,
  I have to do following task. My company is now analyzing adoption of existing system and deploying it to sister company with slightly different requirements. And process and Screens are key feature. For process documentation we decided to use BPMN notation.
  And there is what I want to achieve:
  1. I have list of requirements in EA requirement module. I want to map requirements to particular steps in process (most of the cases it will be to one step but can be more). This will give me way to later report what requirements are covered where. Any idea how can I link it? I found way to link it via Advanced->Parent but it works just for an Activity, not for decision points. So it's more like workaround. But is there some better way to link it?
  2. Same I want to do for screens or possibly with screen elements which also implements some requirements. How to link them?
  3. In process flow I want to visually show new steps. I mean that process contains 90% of flow which is in place. And 10% which has to be newly developed. And I want to show and report somewhere new required parts. Can I somehow flag it? and can I somehow visualize it like for example by different color?
  Thanks for any hint.
  Regards, Michal

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