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General Board / tag values in shapescript?
« on: June 07, 2024, 09:55:36 am »
Hello everyone. Does anyone know if it's possible to print the value of a tag value inside a shapescript? If so, what would be the syntax?

General Board / What is the Thread Filter for?
« on: May 30, 2024, 09:36:13 am »
I just noticed that in the Layout/Filter menu option, there is an option called "Thread", but it's not documented in the help section. When I select it, I can't figure out its functionality. Does anyone know what it's for? It doesn't appear on the documentation page:

EA Version 16.1.1628

In earlier versions of Enterprise Architect (I don't remember exactly which one, but it was over 2 years ago), when locks were used on elements and you wanted to create a connector between two elements, one of which was locked for the user and the other was not, it was only possible to do so in one direction (I don't remember), meaning the connector could be created depending on whether the source of the relationship was not locked for the user (or the destination, I don't remember).

In the current version (16.1), I notice that connectors can be created between locked elements, even if both are locked for the user (red lock). Is this the case? Can someone confirm this behavior? Or is this a new bug? Since when has it worked this way?

Bugs and Issues / Master - model documents header and footer
« on: March 06, 2024, 01:54:11 am »
In previous versions of EA, virtual documentation used to function in the following way: you created a template for the Master Document that included the header and footer you wanted throughout the entire document (which could include pagination). You then created different templates for the Model Documents with which you constructed the entirety of the desired document. I am using version 16.1.1627, and I notice that the header and footer defined in the master template is not visible in the document. Am I missing something? Has anything changed in recent versions, or is this a bug?

According to about setting up the Visibility Levels, the first thing I have to do is to run some SQL scripts for SQLServer. But... where are those scripts? they are not in the obvious place (, so where are they located? I was looking for them also in the registered user section but they are not there.

PCS General Board / Is there a way to upload files in Prolaborate?
« on: July 22, 2023, 01:58:13 am »
Is it possible to upload a file in Prolaborate? It would be ok if it is only visible in prolaborate.

I have read the documentation in but I don't find in the documentation how to start using this API from scratch.

I mean, if I have a PCS licensed and I have checked the OSCL API in the PCS panel, then restarted the service, with the default setup, how can I access the API? what is the port? is there a way to change the default port? where are located the config files for the OSCL API? I honestly don't find this information in the Sparx OSCL API documentation.

Is OSCL API a different service from the PCS? are those the same? is OSCL API exposed via 1804 port in a default setup?

When you use EA, there are a lot of options to edit complex documents: a linked document, a Document element, or a custom table.

By "complex document" I mean a document that could include images, text format or tables.

If I create a linked document in EA, you can visualize it in Prolaborate due the worker create a html view of that document.

But the question is: how can I do that final Prolaborate users could edit this documentation? is there a way they can upload a document from Prolaborate? or maybe edit a custo table or a Linked document? any additional idea? maybe a Discussion that allow formated tables?

I want to implement a piece of code (outside EA and the API) that creates directly in the database an Element. The element is of a given stereotype defined in a profile in a custom MDG.

So, I have to insert into the database the suitable data for t_object (the Element), t_xref (the Tag value grouping and stereotypes) and t_objectproperties (the tag values). But I have noticed that generating random GUIDs for the tag values generates some problems in the resulting element because the tags don't get grouped and are only visible in the tag section of the Properties window, instead of be visible in the main Properties tab.

I have also noted that all the elements generated manually (using EA) have some coincidences in some parts of the tag value GUID. I mean, if I have several tag values defined in the stereotype (city, company, category, etc), all the "city" tag values for different elements share some section of the GUID. Also, any of the tag values defined in the same profile (or MDG) share some other section of the GUID.

In a given GUID structure like this: {AAAAAAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEEEEEEEEEE}
All the tag values of elements with stereotypes belonging to the same MDG/profile, shares the AAAAAAAA section.
All the tag values with the same name (city, company, category, etc), shares the BBBB-CCCC sections
Only DDDD-EEEEEEEEEEEE seems to be randomly generated.

Does anybody know the rule to calculate AAAAAAAA and BBBB sections of the GUID for a tag value?

I have some customTables in the EA model, which are editable in EA. Is there a way to edit the content of the table in prolaborate?
Or is there any other alternative to have a table editable in Prolaborate? (like a spreadsheet, or something like that?)

I have an MDG with a profile that includes the definition of a stereotyped element containing different tag values.

Is it possible in a Toolbox profile to have one toolbox item that allows me to add the element to a diagram with all its tag values empty, but also have another toolbox item that allows me to add the same type of element but with some tag value set (not empty)? And a 3rd toolbox item that add the same type of element with the same tag value with another 3rd default value? is that possible?

I have a confusion with the different options displayed in the classes, particularly after reverse engineering by importing code from an IDE (eclipse, visual studio, etc).

When the reverse engineering process is completed, each class within my package structure in EA is "linked" to the source code file from which that class was created. To edit the code file from EA, I can right-click on the class, choose the "Features" option, and then select "View source code." However, there are two other options, whose functionality I don't understand, called "Edit behavior" and "Edit internal code"... Could you explain the purpose of these options?

When you use Prolaborate, you have a different set of users configured in it. Also you have a list of users in EA when you have the security enabled.

If you have a user in EA belonging to a EA user group and some of the structure of your Browser in EA is locked with Group Lock to this group (which means only users in this group can edit the package structure), but you create the same user in Prolaborate pretending to be able to edit element tags belonging to the group in EA, it doesn't work because when you setup Prolaborate you define only a user to the Prolaborate connection.

So, is it possible to create Prolaborate users that match the EA users, so they have the same packages restrictions/locks in EA and in Prolaborate?

I'm creating a Model Addin (Broadcast Events/Tagged Value Events/EA_OnElementTagEdit), so I want to it trigger when the user change any tag value.

I create everything as it is supposed:
-Imported the Tagged Value Events from the Wizard
-Create a TagValueControlAddin
-Added the reception for EA_OnElementTagEdit
-Edit the internal code for the reception
-Specialize/Manage Addins and Enabled + Assigned to a security group (I belong to the group) + checked load on startup
-Then save, restart EA and reopen the project
-verified that the addin is still enabled in the manage addins windows
-Then changed some tag values, added some tag values, edited tag values from a MDG, etc. Nothing happened

The following is the code in the reception:
Code: [Select]
Session.Prompt("HELLO WORLD",1);
What am I missing?

Suppose you create a custom MDG with profiles and "customized" elements (stereotypes) with some special tag values that appears in the Properties window in the "Element" section (not in "Tags" section).

In this case, the tag values you define in your stereotype seems to be extended properties for the element, as they are visible in the main page of the Properties windows (below "General" section of the properties).

So, if you change any of the General properties (Name, Alias, Keywords, status, version...) the Modified date of the element is updated. But if you change any of you customized properties (tag values from the MDG), the Modified date of the element is not updated.

Do you consider it as a bug? or a feature? Don't you think it's more logical to update the date when you change a tag value? (even any tag value)

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