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Uml Process / Use Case with Include - How to draw the sequence
« on: February 18, 2004, 11:40:08 am »

I'm trying to add sequence diagrams to my use cases. The problem is when you have linked (include / extend etc)  use cases Im not sure how to draw the the sequence diagram, to show some other interactions are taking place.

As an example you could have a telephone call use case. The sequence for this would be along the lines of

1 Lift Receiver
2 Dial
3 Hangup

you could have 2 extensions to this : voice call and automated service.

for voice call the extra events would be
Listen (if you are polite :-) )

and for automated service the extra events would be
Listen to menu announcement
Dial Options

so my question is, at last, how do I mark on the extended use cases that this event sequence takes place between Dial and Hang up in the base telephone call use case?

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