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Hi, in EA there is an option Layout > Tools > Diagram Layout > Box. I thought that I could assign this attribute to a diagram via ConstLayoutStyles. But I do not see the way for doing that. There is no constant for "Box". Could somebody tell me if this is possible at all? Many thanks in advance V.

Hello experts,

I have a very simple problem, so I thought at least. I have a directory in SparxEA. In the directory is a diagram. The C#-program identified the directory by GUID via EA Object model (I do not know the GUID of the diagram). But both attributes Diagrams and Elements of the directory-object are empty (Collection with 0 items). Can somebody tell me how I can retrieve the diagram?

Many thanks in advance, V.

Element anElement = aRepository.GetElementByGuid(aGUID);
foreach (EA.Diagram aDiagram in anElement.Diagrams) {  }

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Import C# - unexpected result
« on: November 20, 2018, 12:47:13 am »
Hi experts,

I imported C#-code into EA with Code Y Source Code > Import Code.

I expected the importer to create attributes with getters and setters or at least public attributes.

Instead it created operations, one for each line (1). Furthermore the class was stereotyped with "property" (2).

Is that behavior ((1) and (2)) correct?

Many thanks in advance, V.

public class Security
        public string description { get; set; }
        public string id { get; set; }
        public string name { get; set; }
        public string self { get; set; }

Hi, we have created several models (top level packages) within EA. Each model reflect a domain. The models are interrelated, meaning that they reference each other. We would like to export all models that also users without EA-access can see the content. This was not possible in the past (see also My understanding was that EA is becoming more and more a tool that supports EAM. So it should be possible to export all models into one html-site because all together represent the view of the enterprise. Is there a possiblity to export all models at once in the meantime or to integrate the models later? Many thanks in advance, V.


I would like to show additional information of an attribute of an UML class. Default is that the class shows its attributes with formats and its methods.

The best way would be to use and show aliases in addition. Unfortunately the alias “replaces” the name of the attribute. So I tried tagged value, but I can only show the tagged value of a class. Another possibility would be to use the attribute name plus the alias name as alias and show the alias. But than I would have redundant information.

Is there a way to show additional information of an attribute (e.g. attribute name plus alias)?

Many thanks, V.


I am using Elements (e.g. Business Process) with hyperlinks on them pointing to other diagrams.

When I create a report, the report generator also creates the figure of the hyperlinked diagram with some text (e.g. $diagrams). I don't want this to happen. Hyperlinked diagrams should only included like normal diagrams.

Is this standard behavior which cannot be changed or is there a check box which has to be activated or deactivated, respectively?

Many thanks in advance, V.


I currently try to generate a report with Virtual Document. A Report Package has several Model Documents. Each document has the same Template assigned. In this template I want to retrieve a Report Constant (or a Tagged Value, if possible) of the Model Document, it is assigned to.

The current situation is as follows:
(1) The Report Generator uses the Report Constants from the Report Package for the Cover Page, which has been defined in the Report Generator.
(2) For the templates, used by the Model Documents, the Report Constants stay empty. I do not know which Report Constants get retrieved.

My questions are:
(1) which Report Constants are used by the template under processing? As I said, they stay always empty.
(2) is there a way to retrieve Report Values of the Model Report currently under processing?

Many thanks in advance, V.


I followed the instructions in to create a report.

The document says "Double-click on the Document Artifact. The 'Generate Documentation' dialog displays". In my test a template gets opened, but not the "Generate Documentation" dialog. Is that correct? If not, how can I change this behavior?

Many thanks in advance, V.

Hi together,

in I read, that for Scripting "Microsoft Scripting Engine" (or "Mozilla SpiderMonkey") is necessary. My questions are:

(1) Is MS Script Debugger not needed anymore? If yes, from when on?
(2) Do Microsoft Scripting Engine and Mozilla SpiderMonkey support different features?
(3) Is the MS Script Debugger always needed for scripting or only in special cases (e.g. ActiveX)?

I cannot answer these questions on my own because I cannot install the deprecated MS Script Debugger.

Many thanks in advance, V.

Hi experts,

I am trying to create a report with Virtual Document. The “Master Document” has several “Model Documents” assigned to it. Every “Model Document” knows its own template. I have several questions:

(1) Is there a possibility to retrieve the tagged value of a “Model Document”? I am only able to retrieve the tagged values of a “Master Document”.

(2) Sometimes the “Model Documents” do not use their templates. Instead they use the system Template “Model Report”. Sometimes they use the right template. Is there a rule behind it, when a “Master Document” or “Model Document” uses which rtf template?

(3) I stored the parameters of “Generate Documentation” as a “Defined Document” in Resources. Can I put this element (or a representative) on the diagram of the “Master Document” or any diagram?

(4) Is it possible that a “Filter” retrieves the search value from somewhere, e.g. from the tagged value of “Master Document”?

Many thanks in advance, V.

Hi experts,

I am trying to create a report with Virtual Document. This is a high-sophisticated feature (at the moment more confusing than high sophisticated) of EA. I am using Master Document > Right Click > Documentation > Generate Documentation to generate the report. When I use this feature somewhere else the parameters for the Master Document get overwritten. Very strange. I have this high sophisticated feature Virtual Document and cannot safe these parameters.

O.K. I tried the element “Report Specification”. But then I read: Q: “Can you link the report specification with Virtual Documents (Master and Model Documents)?” A: “Not yet. We are investigating this feature request”. It would have been a good idea, but it is still under investigation...

Or am I wrong? Does there exist a possibility to save the parameters of Generate Documentation or Virtual Document, respectively?

Many thanks in advance, V.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Document Bookmarks
« on: December 14, 2017, 06:16:55 am »
Hello together,

I am still working on my small project creating a report with word by replacing GUIDs with artifacts out of EA (see,38932.0.html).

I identified a potential solution called "Document Bookmarks" decribed in

I followed the instructions and got an exception: "Bookmark undefined".

I did not think about the concept behind it before testing the example. Because the example did not work, I wondered, how Word can know that I mean a diagram in EA with this bookmark. Do I have to prepare Word? Do I have to use a special template (the one which I have to insert with "document file to insert")?

Many thanks in advance, V.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / GUID of a diagram
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:15:24 am »
Hello together,

I thought that finding out the GUID of a diagram without using a script is simple. But it is not. The property field is empty. The question has already been asked, but no answer was given:

Could someody give me the answer, please? Many thanks in advance, V.

I am quite sure that it exists already.
I am looking for a script (VBScript), that replaces keyword (resp. appropriate search-statements) in MS Word with Sparx EA diagrams.
In other words, I write a document with Word and add keywords, which will be replaced by diagrams out of EA, as soon as I start the script.
Thank you very much in advance for your feedback, V.

Hello, I will get crazy (maybe it is already to late). Because I did not get the Eclipse / Java example to run, I tried Geert's Excel example. But the script says always that I may have forgotten to start EA or something else is wrong.

What I did is:
- "Install" Enterprise Architect Object Model or EA.tlb respectively via Excel References.
- "Install" Microsoft Word Object Library
- run "ea.exe /register".
- start EA.

Does anybody know if it is necessary to install EA.tlb via regtlibv12.exe?

Any other suggestions? Are any admin-rights required (e.g. to \Windows\System32)?

Is the reason that I use "GetObject(, "EA.App")? What if I start two EA's? Which one will be accessed?

Many thanks in advance, V.

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