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Suggestions and Requests / HTMLWidget in EA
« on: August 16, 2007, 05:10:14 am »

another "wiered" idea: would it probably possible via the Add In API to have a HTML widget in the area where you have the properties/pan&zoom views?

Background is: I like to keep stuff like UC Texts either in a Wiki or in an Eclipse project.

It would be cool if the EA could display a web page that is referenced via an automatism, or via a tagged value, when a node is selected.

I have a use case "Create Customer" and some where is configured that my URL for Use Case Texts is:{name of usecase}

Or I configure:{name of usecase}.html

There only needs to be a string which uses a parameter substitution schema like the Tools under the Tools menu in EA.


Suggestions and Requests / Integration of EA into Issuetrackers
« on: July 31, 2007, 03:35:48 am »

we use Jira from as issue tracker. Mainly we track bugs and high level requirements there. I would like to link (and basically even create) requirements/issues in EA with URL in the Jira.

Jira has an XMP/RPC interface. The Eclipse Mylar plugin does something similar.

Bottom line I like to have diagrams with nodes ;D and the data of the nodes should be in an external issue tracker ... Jira, Bugzilla what-ever.

Any hints ... ideas?



Suggestions and Requests / More "Types" for "Import Component
« on: July 31, 2007, 03:26:43 am »

I just introduced EA at I wonder why I can import Actors (configure under Tools -> Options ... -> "Source Code Engineering" -> [Component Types]) but not Use Cases.

Wouldn't it be more ortogonal to allow all types to be imported? E.g. for Use Cases I like to have files called "*.uc", which are text files. The imported text could go to the "notes" section of the UML element.

Is there any way to add some more types to this configuration dialog?




IMHO it should be trivial to support tagged values in export and import!

Even multivalues should be easy if you have a user defineable seperator (different from the standard column seperator).

For me its really important to be able to attach informations to artifacts, where the information is maintaned outside of EA.

Currently I'm forced to abuse the Keywords and Alias fields of an classifier ... and thats confusing for the people using the csv files.

Does anyone probably have a home grown solution for CSV im/export?


Suggestions and Requests / Configure ReportView of Diagram
« on: May 14, 2004, 07:20:42 am »

it would be nice if the report view of the diagram was configurable just like a CSV import/export.

Basicly the look and useability is *great* however I need at least the attribute 'priority' on the RTF view, otherwise I would need to make CSV exports and convert them to RTF with an other tool.

CSV exports have the drawback that they do not escape newlines in notes etc. so the export is not easy to import if you like to export notes as well.

I could imagine that you can export/import a template for the RTF view somewhere, but I could not figure if thats the case.


Suggestions and Requests / Automatic model check for completeness
« on: March 12, 2004, 03:51:58 am »

a way to check a model for completeness ... e.g. all operation arguments having a type, would be cool.

I could imagine a note placed on every diagram describing what is wrong there and probably a red cross or something at the packages in the model browser to show that there is something open (line in an IDE).



is it possible to generate code based on dependencies?

It seems currently impossible to add a complete new template, it seems only predefined ones can be used.

I like to have a template which traverses all dependencies (manually drawn dependency links) with a given stereotype (e.g. <<import>>) to emmit some extra code.

Any ideas if that is allready possible?



when I drag a component with ports from the project view onto a diagram, it has no ports on the diagram.

I can drag the ports as well ... no problem ... but I have 313 components .... and I was just about to add ports to them, now I relize that I will die a drag/drop death :/


Suggestions and Requests / FRQ: populate diagram
« on: May 14, 2004, 07:39:06 am »

I like to be able to do this:

Create new diagram
Drop one element A from a arbitrary folder
right click on the element
follow a new entry called "populate"
follow that entry into "links-from", "links-to" or "elements"

e.g. choose from "links-to" "realisation" and all elements which are linked *from* A via a "realization" link should pop up on the diagram.

e.g. choose from "elements" and all linked element types show up in a pop up menue and you an e.g. select "use case" and all use cases linked to A are popping up.

This is a very powerfull feature, hope you can add it in some future.


Suggestions and Requests / FRQ: merge elements
« on: May 14, 2004, 07:29:54 am »

I often have the problem that I have two elements of same UML:type but with different names, which are in fact the same element.

They are probably in different packages because they got created by different persons.

I like to suggest a option to merge those two elements.

That means all usages of one or the other will be replaced by the new merged version.

Imagine a diagram with screen S and component A denoting that A realizes S and a second diagram with use case U and a component B denoting B realizes U.

Now I want to merge A and B to C and the two diagrams should now both get updated to display C instead of A or B and the new C should have all features, except name merged.

That means C links now to two artifacts: S and U.

The user has to pick a new name and a new package for C ... or you just take the oldes elements features and let the user move and rename it later.


Suggestions and Requests / FRQ: exporting diagrams as CSV files
« on: May 14, 2004, 08:55:48 am »

currently you have a supperb way of exporting packages as CSV files.

I would like to be able to click on a diagram as well for exporting its elements with a CSV template.


Suggestions and Requests / FRQ: CSV import/export for relations
« on: May 14, 2004, 08:42:39 am »

I would find a CSV export / import option for elements including their relation quite good.

You would use the same way of definition for CSV formats as you allready do. But use that schema 3 times: output options for the link, for the source element and the target element.


Suggestions and Requests / Burn down graph
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:57:15 am »
How can I export realized "requirements" in a way to make a "burn down graph" like in SCRUM or XP?

Would it be possible to have support for tracking of project progress included in EA?


Suggestions and Requests / missing import statements in Java
« on: March 11, 2004, 09:15:34 am »

I still could not figure why I have missing imports.

if I have a method like this:
void method(Type p);

And "Type" is in a different package, a import statement should be generated. For attributes, that is done, for parameters not.

Any hints?


Suggestions and Requests / FR: full signature in details dialog
« on: March 11, 2004, 07:23:38 am »

when workin in a details dialog on operations, e.g. adding parameters, adding tags, adding constraints etc. it would be handy if you could see the complete operation signature.

Probably on top of the details dialog or in a new compartment at the bottom.


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