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Suggestions and Requests / Exploding diagrams
« on: August 15, 2005, 06:00:23 am »
When defining a subactivity, a doubleclick opens a diagram to detail it out. Unless the subactivity is repeated on that subdiagram, then EA very intelligently opens up the specs for that activity!

However, seems like this link gets established only once at the creation of the subactivity. Some playing around with diagrams and it gets lost (like creating a same named diagram on your own).

Is'nt it possible to generalize this - be it as a parametrizable -behaviour?

It would be nice to have the one child diagram open on double-click (even when this child is added later), or the list of child dgm's appear (on double click, as list added to the context menu, ... whatever)


General Board / Class vs. business class
« on: August 15, 2005, 05:44:56 am »
I'm working in a document management context, so defining stereotypes for "paper document" and "electronic document" didn't seem such a bad idea.
For the business process, it does matter to see distinction.

However, in EA I could define these stereotypes based on class and on business class.

How does EA makes up the difference between a class and a business class? What's the "internal" criteria for that, or where does one set it?



Uml Process / Use Case and Batch processing
« on: August 25, 2005, 03:18:11 pm »
A use case is a collection of scenario's.
A scenario is a time-sequenced set of interactions between actor and system.
From these interactions, we can deduct what the system has to do, so it's an entry point for system analysis.

Problem: in a batch environment, there's not a big deal of interaction between the system and it's surroundings. Once the user pushed a button, or time triggered the system's action, the interaction is pretty much finished.

Putting much more then "system processes ..." into the use case seems like pushing system analysis into requirements.

How do you people handle this? Any idea will be much appreciated.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Objects: RTF doc problem
« on: September 07, 2005, 06:09:48 am »
I use quite some objects to demonstrate object flow in activity diagrams. Obviously, I'm not naming those objects, but just assign a classifier (a class) and select a state defined on that class to show the effect of activities on the object.

Somehow, in RTF it is totally impossible to list to what class an object belongs. I can merge state and object name at best, so some distinction shows up in the report (the state, that is, as I leave objecnames blank).
I wanna avoid overkill like aDocument:Document, just because RTF base classes and classifier do not return anything usefull.

Has anyone an idea how to report the class of an object in RTF?



In EA, we find issues at the project level, the model level, the element level and ... graphically represented via a "custom" kind of note.

It's getting a bit crowded, certainly because reporting is far from obvious.
Project issues and system model issues seem to be the same.
I admit they are easy to RTF report via Model->Issues section.

Issues related to a model element can be created via:
a- the maintenance tab
b- the custom graphical "Issue" in the project browser dragged as child-element under the concerned element

While the first one is more complete, the second one is quicker during user assisted modeling sessions.

Reporting problems for each:
a- In the RTF generator, you'll need to print EACH element name - regardless whether it has issues or not -!!!
For the RTF issues section does not show name and (stereo)type of the related element.
b- there's no way to filter only these "issue" elements out, I guess.

Is there any solutions to either a or b ?



By the way
(1) Using EA with Visual Sourcesafe. Works great!
(2) RTF report generation, while sometimes reacting awkward, is a major step forward. Now I can really recommend my clients to use EA, as they get the output they want.

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