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Bugs and Issues / Synchronise Stereotype via API – odd behaviour
« on: May 23, 2018, 07:10:50 pm »
Hi, I have created a function that can synchronsise an individual element (using the SynchTaggedValues ( string Profile, string Stereotype) api function.

On my MDG Profile type, I have extended a requirement base class 4 times to create 4 new elements (lets call them A, B, C , D) – each of these elements have the same 4 tagged values assigned to them in the MDG  And the MDG has been working successfully for a while.
I am having an extremely strange issue, where if I delete the tags from existing elements (of stereotype A, B , C or D) and run the sync on each item.  Sparx returns all the deleted tags, except for element A in the above profile.
Does anyone have any clue, why the sync is failing on that one specific type, ( I can create new elements of that type or try with older elements of that type) however in all cases , the tags do not return to that specific element.

Really Confusing! 

I am trying to get these SQL macros working.

The following query works perfectly in a MS SQL database, however, does not work when running in the direct database connection (MS JET)

any ideas?

select top 10 name,
   #DB=JET#, 'MSJET' as source#DB=JET#

I love the functionality of the model filters, specifically where you can automatically hide connectors which dont "belong" on a specific view (probably using the model type) -- is there any way to permanently create a rule that automatically applies a diagram filter to a specific type of diagram across the repository?


General Board / Import of PlantUML Sequence Diagrams
« on: December 13, 2017, 05:07:57 pm »
I have many PlantUML Sequence diagrams which are "modelled" using the plantUML pseudo-code. I would like to know if anyone has tried to generate sequence diagrams from this code? Essentially building a parser for the pseudo language? This would make migration a lot easier. I would be happy to collaborate if anyone else had such a requirement?

Bugs and Issues / Version 11 - Change Diagram Type option missing
« on: March 26, 2014, 07:10:59 am »
When creating a composite diagram. I cannot seem to find the option (normally under the advanced right-click menu) to change the model type.

Has this moved in version 11?

(using the 11rc)


I have created a sample MDG file whereby i have created many different element types, my intention now, is to create a few predefined matrix profiles which will be used to associate the new elements to each other.

Is it possible to include a set of matrix profiles as part of an MDG technology import?


I have created a UML Profile, and on that profile, have extended a normal class meta-type with a new stereotype.

I have set the background colour of my new stereotype element and exported the profile as per: instructions

This does not seem to work as expected, the new elements color is unchanged and when looking at the profile.xml file, I see that the bgcolor property is "-1"  indicating that the colour attribute did not pull through.

Is this an EA Bug, or have I just done something wrong.


Hi.. I am trying to import a Hierarchy of Classes into EA.. i have looked at the XMI import and that would work if i could generate the XMI structure, however all i have is a Spreadsheet with data as follows:
-car (attributes)
   -door (attributes)
      -handle (attributes)
      -lock (attributes)
   -engine (attributes)
      -starter (attributes)
I tried the CSV import, and that works, however i would like to have the class hierarchy defined by the import also...
any ideas?

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