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General Board / Custom Datatypes
« on: August 22, 2013, 07:30:11 am »
Hi All - I'm trying to define custom database datatypes, and also create a SQL 2012 databasereference data import file.  However, I'm not clear on the domain values for several of the xml attributes.  Specifically:

  • User  - assuming this should be changed from "0" to "1" to specify this is a user defined datatype
  • DatatypeID - the values seem to vary and I can't infer the patterns - what is the significance of this attribute?

I want to create a user-defined datatype called SourceSystems, which is a char(2) not null datatype.

Here's an example that I cut from the SQL 2008 DDL xml:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<RefData version="1.0" exporter="EA.25">
      <DataSet name="Model Data Types - Code and DDL" table="t_datatypes" filter="Type='#Type#' and ProductName='#ProductName#' and DataType='#DataType#'" stoplist=";DatatypeID;">
                  <Column name="Type" value="DDL"/>
                  <Column name="ProductName" value="SQL Server 2012"/>
                  <Column name="DataType" value="bigint"/>
                  <Column name="Size" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="MaxLen" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="MaxPrec" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="MaxScale" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="DefaultLen" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="DefaultPrec" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="DefaultScale" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="User" value="0"/>
                  <Column name="GenericType" value="bigint"/>
                  <Column name="DatatypeID" value="1025"/>

I just downloaded and installed the trial version of MDG for Microsoft Office, but I am unable to see the EA links for Word or Excel (didn't try PPT).   I see they are installed as x86 .dlls.  I am running Office 2013 (15.0.4711.1000) 64-bit.

I have enabled the add-ons via the com interface, but they don't active or persist the settings.

I would really love it if this could work  :)

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